PMRExpo 2014: Motorola Solutions highlights future of mission critical comms

Manufacturing shows key TETRA and Mototrbo DMR products and infrastructure along with applications and concepts such as the connected police officer and connected vehicle

PMRExpo 2014: Motorola Solutions highlights future of mission critical comms

Motorola Solutions is highlighting the future of mission-critical communications as its key theme at PMRExpo 2014 at the Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany from 25-27 November.

The company will show future-ready technology solutions like the WAVE Work Group Communications and Mototrbo Anywhere broadband push-to-talk that extends the reach and capability of LMR systems.

It will also feature a new software release for the Motorola MTS1 base station, enabling use as an independent base station to support requirements for in-building coverage (TMOa).

It will also present highly developed control room applications, the Connected Police Officer concept, the new Mototrbo SL1600 digital portable radio and the LEX755 mission-critical LTE handheld, aimed at leading the way to the future of mission-critical communications.

According to the latest research from IHS Technology, licensed mobile radio (LMR) users demand more powerful, high-bandwidth solutions. This demand is driving the large-scale adoption of digital technologies.

Motorola believes its Dimetra TETRA and Mototrbo digital radio solutions, provide public safety users with best-in-class solutions to stay connected when seconds count – from command and control centres to first responders on the street to workgroups on-site or off-site. All in real-time.

Key products on show

WAVE Work Group Communications
The WAVE Work Group Communications solution makes it possible for teams of people, in the field or office, to effectively communicate and collaborate through voice and data – securely, reliably and in real-time – regardless of network, carrier or device, whether deployed on premise in a customer’s IT infrastructure or in the cloud as a hosted/managed solution.

WAVE is a software platform that can provide seamless interoperability between disparate radio systems and extend those radio communications over broadband networks to a multitude of different devices with applications for smartphones and tablets, PCs, desk phones and enterprise collaboration tools.

It can also provide radio-like push-to-talk (PPT) communications between just smart devices over any 3G/4G LTE network as an over-the-top (OTT) service.

Connected Police Officer
Motorola Solutions will showcase its first Europe-wide live demo of the Connected Police Officer concept. When equipped with advanced and future-oriented technology police officers are always connected to the control room and benefit from increased safety and efficiency during operation.

Connected Car
Moreover, Motorola Solutions will show its Connected Car (pictured above) with TETRA radio and mobile computing features, mission-critical LTE broadband connectivity, intuitive  data applications as well as ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), video surveillance, lights and sirens functionality, which can be accessed and managed with a single button press.

Mototrbo SL1600 hand portable two-way radio
The new Mototrbo SL1600 digital portable radio (pictured below) provides reliable push-to-talk communication, superior audio quality and Mototrbo features for essential day-to-day and emergency two-way radio communications. The ergonomic design enables one-handed operation.

The slim form factor and the energy-conserving, shatterproof Active View display allow users to comfortably and easily carry their radios at all times and access status information when needed.

Using digital and analogue radio technology, Motorola Solutions’ SL1600 seamlessly works with existing communication systems and also covers future-proof communication standards. Moreover, the Range Max feature with an advanced radio design and patented antenna optimizes range performance for reliable communication.

LEX755 mission-critical LTE handheld
Motorola’s LEX755 mission-critical LTE handheld (pictured below) offers exceptional broadband connectivity and enables users to respond with the intelligence and support of the entire team.

With a rugged form factor, powerful data applications and a quick-response user interface, it provides an always-on mission-critical user experience to improve situational awareness for police, fire, rescue and emergency medical services as well as organisations supporting critical infrastructure.

The application ecosystem includes real-time video streaming, computer aided dispatch, unified push-to-talk, electronic citation, report writing and data capture.

Highly reliable, secure and encrypted apps play a crucial role for todays and tomorrow’s public safety and industry users of digital radio technology. Motorola Solutions offers dedicated technological expertise and support to developers with best-in-class tools, application programming interface (API) insight and new opportunities for networking to create applications for TETRA and Mototrbo digital radio systems.

Typical radio applications range from enabling control room operations and dispatch, to telemetry or smart metering in utilities, order management and ticketing for industry and leisure, as well as providing increased security and effectiveness in health and public safety markets.

Mototrbo Anywhere push-to-talk app for smartphones
Mototrbo Anywhere technology allows workers to communicate with Mototrbo radio users and talk-groups via an easy-to-use application on their Android or iOS smartphones connecting to the Mototrbo radio network through a wire-line gateway.

This enables organisations to extend their reliable Mototrbo network communications to other mobile broadband devices for improved collaboration and efficiency. With Mototrbo Anywhere, users can deploy the same device to communicate with radio users in the business – on-site or outside the Mototrbo coverage area.

Unlike other push-to-talk applications, Mototrbo Anywhere is integrated into the radio system infrastructure to deliver system scalability and a much more radio-like experience. Users get reliable, highly secure business-critical communications, whether connecting via cellular networks or Wi-Fi.

MTS1 TETRA base station
The Motorola MTS1 TETRA base station (pictured below) is a comprehensive coverage solution that can be rapidly installed and commissioned. Due to its small rugged form factor and IP66 weather resistant enclosure, the Motorola MTS1 can be used for indoor or outdoor wide area coverage applications.

Thanks to an advanced software release, the MTS1 is also able to function as an independent base station (TMOa). This includes functionalities such as Air Interface Migration (AIM). Utilising such capabilities, customised solutions in line with the requirements of the German directive for in-building coverage had been developed and will be distributed by the Motorola partner AIRadio Deutschland.

TETRA portfolio
Motorola Solutions will also showcase its TETRA portfolio comprising infrastructure solutions, terminals, applications and services, which are currently used in over 120 countries around the world.

The company continues to maintain its leading position in the area of TETRA digital radio solutions. Motorola Solutions has sold more than 2.5 million TETRA terminals worldwide, confirming its technology and market leadership in digital radio communications for public safety.

Just recently, Motorola Solutions handed over the 200,000th TETRA digital radio to the German public safety authorities. Motorola Solutions’ robust, intuitively operated products are subjected to rigorous testing at every stage – from the development phase onwards in order to guarantee high quality and reliable operation even under extreme conditions.

Motorola Solutions can be found at Booth B16 at PMRExpo 2014. It will also be making a number of customer presentations at PMRExpo 2014:

•    25 November, 16:30-17:00: “Smart Metering” by Stefan Weißmann, EWR
•    26 November, 13:30-14:00: “Norway: Future Solutions for Public Safety Data” by Tor Helge Lyngstøl, Norwegian Directorate for Emergency Communication (DNK)
•    27 November, 11:30-12:00: “Developing Effective Communications between the Control Room and the Field Unit” by Hans-Juergen Junkersdorf, Motorola Solutions.

Christoph Thomas, chairman, Motorola Solutions Germany, said: “We support the Digital Agenda of the German Government and the European Union for driving innovation and enabling highly secure, reliable and powerful mission-critical communications of the future.

“Based on our longstanding experience, our investment in our app developer community and the comprehensive technology expertise, we provide public safety and users across various industries with best-in-class digital radio solutions, including terminals, infrastructure, applications and services.”

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