PMRExpo 2014: Airbus to present TETRA portfolio and utilities solutions

Airbus Defence and Space to present latest TH9 TETRA hand portable, along with P8GR TETRA pager and TETRA infrastructure

PMRExpo 2014: Airbus to present TETRA portfolio and utilities solutions

Airbus Defence and Space will be presenting its professional mobile radio (PMR) portfolio at this year’s PMRExpo, taking place from 25-27 November in Cologne, Germany.

The company’s mission-critical communications offer encompasses secure network solutions, radio terminals, dispatch and network management systems, encryption, interfaces to numerous external systems (data networks, control centres, telephone systems, etc.) and mobile tactical systems, to be seen at Stand C01 in Hall 10.2.

New TH9 TETRA hand portable
This year the new TETRA hand-portable radio TH9 will be displayed for the first time. A press briefing will take place at the Airbus booth on 25 November at 15:00h to provide further details about this new offer.

With wider coverage, high output power, Bluetooth connectivity and location-based applications, the new TH9 helps to improve the efficiency of mission-critical voice and data communications.

In addition to the functionalities of all other TETRA radios in the Airbus Defence and Space portfolio, it supports the direct mode operation (DMO) band of 406-410MHz used in Germany and many other countries. DMO gives users the ability to communicate directly with each other, independent of the trunked mode peration (TMO) network.

Furthermore, the terminal has an integrated global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver that is supported by the Galileo (European), Beidou (Chinese) and GLONASS (Russian) positioning systems, thus preparing the TH9 for future positioning technologies.

P8GR TETRA paging device
Also on display, the TETRA paging device P8GR has been designed to meet the needs of fire brigades, relief organisations and also critical infrastructure operators. The P8GR is easy to deploy and combines good availability, even in areas where coverage is poor, with battery autonomy and robustness, all in a compact format.

In contrast to standard analogue paging devices, this TETRA pager enables secure two-way communication between the control centre and operational units. It offers all the essential TETRA features for alerting, such as group calls, thereby enabling units to plan and carry out missions in real time.

Modular TETRA radio networks
Another spotlight will be on an extended portfolio of mobile TETRA radio networks based on a modular concept. Airbus Defence and Space is expanding its mobile vehicle solution, featuring a miniaturised TB3p base station and the ability to connect via satellite, with a compact DXT3p switch and control centre solutions. This will, in the future, be supplemented by an LTE broadband data communication module.

The scalable end-to-end solution package of mobile network infrastructures is made up of:
•    Mobile TETRA base stations and switches with corresponding connection and antenna technology,
•    Mobile control centre solutions with person location capability,
•    Equipment and services for establishing satellite connections via portable and/or stationary components,
•    A wide range of TETRA receivers, from the TH1n, the world’s smallest TETRA radio device, to the THR9 Ex, a robust all-rounder for endangered working areas
•    LTE broadband module with the corresponding broadband modem for installation in vehicles, and
•    Services for configuring, integrating and operating the networks.

Utilities sector
Furthermore, Airbus Defence and Space is presenting its approach to intelligent communications systems for the utilities sector, as a substantial contribution to the introduction of Smart Grids.

In addition to delivering network components, Airbus Defence and Space’s portfolio of products and services includes the provision of turnkey secure digital radio communication networks for public services and utility companies.

This offer ranges from the delivery of complete industry and corporate network solutions with all the related partial performances, such as network planning and integration and roll-out management, to managed services such as secure mobile virtual network operator, which reliably secures data transfer from the smart meter gateway to the customer’s computer centre.

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