Turkcell and Ericsson improve app coverage with real time traffic steering

Turkcell and Ericsson complete successful Wi-Fi/cellular traffic steering tests in busy Istanbul shopping centre

Turkcell and Ericsson improve app coverage with real time traffic steering

Ericsson and Turkcell, the Turkish mobile operator, announced today (20 November 2014) that a successful test of Ericsson’s real time traffic steering solution has been carried out at a busy shopping mall in Istanbul.

Real time traffic steering is an Ericsson industry-first and is a key feature to ensure high-performance network connections for users across both cellular and Wi-Fi.

Bulent Elonu, chief network technologies officer of Turkcell, said: “Turkcell is committed to providing an excellent user experience and follows the latest technology to achieve this goal. With this live trial on Turkcell network, we could steer the users between Turkcell's strong 3G network and Wi-Fi based on optimum performance.

“We were able to verify that Ericsson's traffic steering feature does indeed maximise the user experience. We will continue to work towards serving our customers with the latest technology.”

This feature enables Turkcell to easily incorporate Wi-Fi into their heterogeneous networks strategy, while delivering a consistently high-performance user experience, even in high traffic areas. Incorporating Wi-Fi is one way that tier-one mobile operators cope with increasing data demand.

Ziya Erdem, Ericsson Turkey general manager, said: “Today, devices may select Wi-Fi even when it is not optimal from a resource utilisation and user experience perspective. With our unique Real Time Traffic Steering feature, we enable Turkcell to provide a consistently high-performance user experience across both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, without requiring users to download an app or client on their smartphone.”

Real Time Traffic Steering constantly assesses key performance indicators (KPIs) in both the cellular network and the Wi-Fi network before dynamically and seamlessly shifting the consumer’s smartphone connection between networks.

This ensures the best user experience and optimizes network resources. Real Time Traffic Steering is a network-driven feature requiring no user intervention or additional device client software. It works with any EAP-SIM enabled smartphones.

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