Tait completes DMR system acceptance test with Entropia Digital in UK

Tait DMR equipment tested to ensure it provides the correct level of service for Entropia’s DMR Tier 3 network, which will begin with covering Greater London

Tait completes DMR system acceptance test with Entropia Digital in UK

Tait Communications has successfully completed system acceptance testing (SAT) with new partner Entropia Digital for its premiere Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 3 network in the UK.

The system acceptance testing is one of the crucial first stages of the long-term agreement between Tait and the European critical communications company, which started in October 2014.

“The stringent tests set out in the contract with Entropia are there to ensure the system meets the customer expectation and delivers the correct level of service to the future end users of the system,” explained managing director of Tait EMEA, Hans van der Linde.

“The SAT is the first time that the client gets to see their vision of a world class radio system turned into reality. It also allows them to work closely with our engineers to make sure their system integrates seamlessly with other business solutions.”

The week long SAT involved a three site trunked DMR system which was commissioned in just three days, with 30 portable radios and one mobile radio in operation. Tests included coverage, call types, failure modes and diagnostics utilising the Tait Enable application suite.

“Tait’s equipment not only delivered what we were expecting, but also proved to be simple and easy to understand, which will allow us to quickly educate the end users, ensuring a rapid and positive migration to our radio communications syste,.” said Philip Vercruysse, CEO Entropia Digital.

Entropia provides its customers access to infrastructure and terminals through subscription-based solutions through its partner and dealer network. The new Tait DMR Tier 3 network will be designed for maximum flexibility to allow for a broad spectrum of users and will provide portable level coverage, which reduces installation costs compared with other mobile-based wide area systems.

The Entropia network will begin with coverage of Greater London and will then be expanded to the South East and other key metropolitan areas such as Birmingham and Manchester.

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