Boingo Wireless supplying Wi-Fi at US military bases worldwide

Boingo’s high speed internet services now covers 100,000 beds at 20 plus bases, including installations for the Army, Air Force and Marines

Boingo Wireless supplying Wi-Fi at US military bases worldwide

Boingo Wireless, the DAS and Wi-Fi provider, has announced that the company’s high-speed Internet services now cover more than 100,000 beds across 21 United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force and United States Army bases worldwide.

This is the single largest deployment in the company’s history, with over 25,000 access points installed across more than 500 buildings using approximately 400 miles of cable. From an equipment perspective, this is roughly equivalent to deploying more than 80 airports the size of Chicago’s O’Hare International.

“Boingo’s high-speed Internet service is designed to suit the data heavy, always-connected lifestyle of today’s consumer,” said Marc Patterson, Boingo Wireless vice president of products.

 “Our ultra-fast Wi-Fi service delivers speeds of up to 30Mbps, which enables the kinds of high-bandwidth activities – like online gaming, video streaming and Skype calling – that our young men and women in uniform enjoy.”

In addition to blazing-fast speed, Boingo high-speed Wi-Fi service is available instantly – no installation appointment, equipment or truck roll required. Monthly subscribers also enjoy complimentary access to Boingo’s network of more than 1 million premium hotspots, including airports, hotels, cafes, coffee shops and more, so they can stay connected no matter where they are deployed around the globe.

Boingo’s military Wi-Fi networks also deliver digital TV services to troops on base. Boingo’s digital TV service offers the best in home entertainment, providing a robust lineup of programming designed for the military audience, including sports and premiums channels in HD. Secure digital networks and low-profile set top boxes provide in-room access for monthly service subscribers.

Boingo Wi-Fi and digital TV products are portable from one base to another. As users are redeployed to another location, their Boingo account can be used at any base where Boingo is available.

“Military personnel are highly mobile, often moving from one base to another with little notice, and not staying in one place for long,” said Patterson. “That makes getting traditional cable service difficult. We’re excited to offer Boingo Wi-Fi service at more than 20 bases, because it offers our service men and women a chance to stay connected no matter where they are deployed.”

In addition to the 21 bases currently launched, an additional 20 bases are currently in planning, construction, or pre-launch phase. A complete list of bases where Boingo Broadband is available or coming soon is available at

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