KPN launches cloud-based push-to-talk in the Netherlands

Dutch operator KPN launches the first cloud-based push-to-talk service in Europe; the service was developed by Kodiak Networks and has been provided by Ericsson in the US since 2012

KPN launches cloud-based push-to-talk in the Netherlands

Ericsson has enabled KPN, the largest telecom and IT service provider in the Netherlands, to launch the first cloud-based push-to-talk (PTT) service in Europe.

Cloud-based PTT allows users to instantly communicate with large audiences at the push of a button - supporting the widest range of devices and networks, including 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi.

The service, which is provided by Ericsson and powered by Kodiak Networks' next-generation PTT technology, was made available in Europe this year after being rolled out in the US in 2012. As a result, KPN is now able to offer its customers cost-efficient, enhanced instant group communication services over its existing 3G, 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

John van Vianen, senior executive vice president business market at KPN, said: "We see a lot of potential for this service, particularly since it is cloud-based and managed by Ericsson. KPN Push-To-Talk contributes to increased efficiency and reduced risks in the workplace, particularly for employees who work alone in the field.

“Within a second, you can start a voice connection with a person or a whole group of people, anywhere in the Netherlands. And because you can view GPS and real-time presence and availability information for your contacts, you can also be sure that the people you are talking to are out of harm's way in the case of an emergency." 

Jean-Claude Geha, VP and head of Managed Services at Ericsson, said: "We have been working with KPN for nearly 10 years - constantly innovating and finding better ways of doing things - and so it's very fitting that they have become our first cloud-based push-to-talk customer in Europe. 

“By offering PTT as a cloud-based IT managed service, we are able to continually manage and update it on KPN's behalf, without the need for costly network infrastructure modifications."

KPN's PTT service is available in two packages: a standard PTT service with up to 15 contacts per PTT user in a single group; or PTT Pro with up to 1,300 contacts per PTT user in up to 130 groups.

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