Ericsson and Zain Bahrain partner to deliver HD voice in the Kingdom

Zain Bahrain selects Ericsson's HD voice solution to differentiate its offering with high-quality voice services such as more effective conference calls and better speech-to-text applications

Ericsson and Zain Bahrain partner to deliver HD voice in the Kingdom

Zain Bahrain has chosen Ericsson to launch HD voice services over Zain's existing Ericsson 3G radio and core network in Bahrain.

Mobile phones have long enabled subscribers to make calls on the go, but for the most part, making calls in noisy environments - such as near a busy road, on a construction site or in extreme weather conditions - has simply not been feasible. High Definition (HD) voice services help deliver on the promise of true mobility.

Subscribers are able to enjoy crystal-clear voice quality, allowing them to conduct more effective conference calls, enjoy better speech-to-text applications and ultimately improve the way they communicate in their daily business and private lives.

Mohammad Zainalabedin, general manager of Zain Bahrain, said: "We always strive to bring the best customer experience to our subscribers in the Kingdom. Our customers demand high-quality services and with Ericsson's HD voice solution we further differentiate our services within the Bahraini market."

Communications technologies continue to evolve and smart devices become increasingly more advanced; with close to 70% of global mobile revenues still linked to voice calls, operators have the opportunity to differentiate by delivering high-definition voice capabilities that offer a superior experience to their consumers.

Rafiah Ibrahim, president of Ericsson Region Middle East, said: "We have been partners with Zain for many years and now we are also the sole supplier of their core and radio network. Now Zain has chosen to facilitate a smooth upgrade of their network to support HD voice which will benefit of Zain's customers."

Ericsson's HD voice solution is a fully developed and standardised technology that has already been deployed by some operators across the Middle East. Ericsson HD voice is based on AMR (Adaptive Multi Rate) wideband. It significantly improves speech quality in mobile phone calls, both for GSM, WCDMA, CDMA and LTE networks.

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