Kaltman Creations launches IEMRadiator antenna

IEMRadiator uses circular polarity and horn radiators for ‘rock-solid’ In-Ear-Monitoring reception

Kaltman Creations launches IEMRadiator antenna

Guaranteed to improve reception for pro-audio In-Ear-Monitoring systems (IEM), Kaltman Creations LLC is introducing the IEMRadiator antenna, yet another innovative product in the company’s Invisible Waves line.

The IEMRadiator is not like a traditional paddle or helical antenna commonly used with In-Ear-Monitoring systems. The antenna incorporates a unique combination of advanced circular polarization technology with a horn style radiator for directional, high-gain enhanced radiating transmission that is never out of phase. This technology provides as reliable and as efficient of an RF signal link as possible.

The antenna is guaranteed to reduce interference, reduce drop outs, help eliminate ‘swishing’ noise artifacts, improve RF signal to noise, and enhance reception of signals propagated through and around objects.

Traditional paddle and rod antennas used for wireless In-Ear-Monitor (IEM) are either horizontally or vertically polarized (usually vertically). When an In-Ear-Monitor receiver antenna changes its orientation in reference to the transmitting antenna, as wireless IEM belt pack receivers always do, the phase relationship changes. This results in decreased signal levels.

The IEMRadiator design is unique in many ways, the most obvious being its rugged flat panel design and ‘thumb-screw’ removable horn radiators. But, unlike paddle and helical antennas, the novel design  features forward enhancing horn radiators that increase gain and directivity, creating a more robust and reliable radiated signal. It has a frequency range of 470MHz – 890MHz, with gain of 10.5 dBic.

The IEMRadiator sells for $390 per antenna and is now available for purchase.

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