Cobham Wireless introduces RF digitizer fast power measurement option

New ‘Fast Power Servo’ technique for the PXI 3030 Series of RF digitizers helps customers such as RFMD reduce cost of test

Cobham Wireless introduces RF digitizer fast power measurement option

Cobham Wireless, formerly the Aeroflex wireless business unit, has announced the introduction of a new measurement option that allows users to perform power measurements more quickly, directly reducing test times in power servo applications.

Option 194 (Fast Power Measurement) on the PXI 3030 series RF digitizer results in a 57% reduction in servo loop time when applied to an LTE signal. This has given RFMD an overall 10% reduction in test time.

RFMD, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance radio frequency solutions, is a leading user of Cobham Wireless PXI 3000 Series RF modular instruments.

RFMD has been integrating Cobham Wireless RF PXI sources and RF digitizers (302X and 303X respectively) into its production test systems since 2005. It uses these test systems to test amplifiers, switches, and numerous other RF components.

“Option 194 gives RFMD a much faster way of making power measurements by using the on-board FPGA on the RF digitizer,” said Tim Carey, senior product manager for Cobham. “Fast power measurement is extremely beneficial when testing cellular or WLAN power amplifiers as well as in many other applications.

“Measurements such as ACLR, EVM, and efficiency are made at a constant output power. Reaching the desired output power is an iterative process, which normally adds significantly to the measurement time.”

The Fast Power Measurement technique gives Cobham customers such as RFMD a significant improvement in test time and considerable potential savings in future capital expenditure.

More about Cobham Wireless Modular Instruments
The PXI 3000 Series RF modular instruments provide five generations of test capability covering most applications in RF design validation and wireless manufacturing test.

Licensed options are available for LTE/LTE-A, GSM/UMTS/HSPA+, WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/p/ac, GPS, Bluetooth, DECT, FM, and all generic standards.

The AXRF is a high-density, multi-site capable test platform. It adds RF test capability to existing digital IC testers with the same capabilities as the PXI 3000 Series.

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