GTC unveils pocket-sized GSatMicro Iridium satellite tracker

GSatMicro offers global tracking for assets and personnel via satellite and features an alerting feature which can be sent to an online mapping portal

GTC unveils pocket-sized GSatMicro Iridium satellite tracker

Global Telesat Communications (GTC), a UK-based reseller of satellite communications, has announced the UK launch of what it claims is the world’s smallest self-contained Iridium satellite tracker, the GSatMicro. The ‘revolutionary; device is available now from GTC as the sole UK distributor.
Measuring just 45mm x 45mm x 29mm (including battery) GSatMicro can transmit your location from anywhere in the world as frequently as every 30 seconds. Due to its ground-breaking size it is perfect for both personnel and asset tracking.

Maritime, aircraft, personnel and vehicles can be discreetly tracked which makes it ideal for applications such as security and safety, fleet management, oil and drilling, soldier tracking and government, according to GTC.
GSatMicro is built on the latest satellite, antenna and electronics technology to track and monitor in real time. In addition to its tracking capability this pocket sized tracker also features an SOS button. Should the user encounter an emergency, an alert will be sent to the online mapping portal, GTCTrack.
GTCTrack is a web-based mapping application that provides real-time positioning and specialised reporting of assets worldwide. Using a Google Earth interface, GTCTrack will display real-time worldwide asset location reports sent from GSatMicro including position, speed, altitude, heading, battery level and altitude.

It also provides past location and movement history reports. GTCTrack’s iOS and Android app allows fleet managers to keep track of assets on the move.
“We are proud to be the only UK distributor of GSatMicro, a product which is already gaining a lot of interest from our customers” said David Phipps, managing director of GTC. “Combined with our GTCTrack mapping portal it provides a solution to the multiple requests we’ve had for a smaller global satellite tracker.”
GSatMicro’s advanced message processing technology minimises the amount of the data sent in each message to the bare minimum resulting in lower running costs for end users. Depending on the information the user requires the tracking messages to include message size can be reduced down to just 9 bytes.

A choice of airtime plans are available for GSatMicro with just one month minimum commitment.

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