Ruckus brings enterprise grade Wi-Fi to small businesses with Xclaim

Xclaim is the first mobile app managed, controller-free Wi-Fi system to deliver enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions in a simple, reliable and affordable way for small businesses

Ruckus brings enterprise grade Wi-Fi to small businesses with Xclaim

Ruckus Wireless unveiled a new kind of Wi-Fi system called Xclaim today (29 October 2014), which it has developed exclusively for the small business market. The company believes that Xclaim redefines the model by offering enterprise-grade Wi-Fi services to smaller organisations that have little to no IT expertise.
According to Ruckus, Xclaim represents a new brand of disruptively priced, cloud-ready, controller-free Wi-Fi products, which provides a fundamentally different approach to delivering enterprise-class Wi-Fi.

Unlike alternatives, Xclaim eliminates the cost and complexity associated with conventional enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) systems for smaller organisations that can’t justify purchasing them, but still desire best in class Wi-Fi connectivity, coverage, and performance, with simple, easy management.
Harmony for Xclaim app
Included within the Xclaim portfolio is the free Harmony for Xclaim mobile application. Purpose-built for the iOS and Android operating systems, Harmony for Xclaim radically streamlines installation, configuration and ongoing administration of a Wi-Fi network.

Within minutes, small businesses can begin offering secure, robust and reliable Wi-Fi at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional enterprise alternatives.
“New wireless LAN products and services have been introduced by leading vendors targeting smaller-sized businesses,” said Chris DePuy, vice president of Wireless LAN research at Dell’Oro Group. “Two main product types have typically been used to target these businesses: enterprise-class access points and small office home office, or ‘SOHO’, access points.

“Vendors are now bundling these products with services and software that are customised – and in some cases, cost-optimised – for SMBs. Given the expansion in the number of products being introduced to address SMBs, we estimate the SMB WLAN market opportunity will now approach US$1.3bn in the next several years,” concluded DePuy.
Xclaim enables small businesses to be controller-free
Unlike so-called ‘controller-less’ Wi-Fi alternatives that still rely on virtual controllers in the cloud, Xclaim Wi-Fi systems are controller-free, combining the functionality and high-performance with the management and deployment simplicity SOHOs and small businesses need and want.

“Ruckus is widely recognized for delivering carrier-class Wi-Fi performance and reliability to mid-market enterprises and global service providers,” said Rob Mustarde, vice president and general manager of the Xclaim product line at Ruckus Wireless. “With Xclaim, we are now extending this same value to the SOHO and ‘S’ of the SMB market.

“This segment is experiencing the same mobile Internet revolution as everyone else, but hasn’t had reliable, powerful Wi-Fi solutions available that are also simple to operate and manage, and affordable. Xclaim means these businesses no longer need to endure poor, consumer grade Wi-Fi or deal with deployment costs beyond their reach and systems they can’t easily comprehend and manage.”
Better grade Wi-Fi no longer out of reach for small businesses
With the rising popularity and pervasive use of Wi-Fi, offering enterprise grade Wi-Fi services has effectively remained out of reach for small businesses that want better Wi-Fi to support a multitude of new media-rich applications, devices, and users.
To deal with the growing need for Wi-Fi to function as a reliable business utility, smaller organisations have been forced to either purchase enterprise-class, controller-based systems (either on premises or in the cloud) that are too costly and complex for their business, or buy consumer-grade Wi-Fi products that lack the reliability, functionality and management required to support the myriad mobile devices and applications flooding the market.
Ruckus claims that with Xclaim, this quandary has been resolved. When ultra-affordable world-class Wi-Fi is coupled with an easy-to-use mobile Wi-Fi management application that’s free of any type of controller, installing, configuring, and managing enterprise-class Wi-Fi networks becomes as simple as turning on a smartphone.
A new way to Wi-Fi: Connect. Click. Go.
In Ruckus’ view, Xclaim now makes it effortless for IT-challenged small businesses to quickly install, configure, and monitor a Wi-Fi network with the introduction of Harmony for Xclaim.

Harmony for Xclaim is a custom developed mobile application used exclusively with Xclaim access points. Completely intuitive and designed for simplicity, Harmony for Xclaim puts enterprise-class management in the palm of the SMB’s hand, enabling an enterprise-class wireless network to be configured and up and running in a matter of minutes.
Specifically developed for small business use, Harmony for Xclaim takes any non IT-savvy person through an intuitive and simple step-by-step process to automatically discover access points and configure wireless LAN settings.

After configuration and setup, Harmony for Xclaim’s elegant in-app dashboard provides a real-time view of important network data such as connected APs and clients, connected client by AP, client types, traffic volumes and much more.
Xclaim product details
Xclaim features four indoor and outdoor 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi solutions for small businesses designed within sleek, lightweight, and low profile form factors.  They include:

•    Xi-1: dual-band (selectable) 2x2:2 802.11n indoor access point (AP)
•    Xi-2: dual-band 2x2:2 802.11n indoor access point
•    Xi-3: dual-band 2x2:2 802.11ac indoor access point
•    Xo-1: dual-band 2x2:2 802.11ac outdoor access point .

Xclaim indoor and outdoor controller-free APs deliver enterprise-grade wireless performance and reliability at breakthrough price points, making them ideal for cost-conscious small business environments.
Enterprise Wi-Fi capabilities such as dynamic channel selection, band steering, client isolation, and airtime fairness all come standard in Xclaim APs to ensure the highest levels of Wi-Fi reliability, security and performance without constant manual optimisation.

Local management is provided immediately through Harmony for Xclaim. Supported on iOS and Android smart mobile devices, Harmony for Xclaim revolutionises and simplifies the discovery of APs, the configuration of wireless parameters and the ongoing monitoring of wireless LAN environments.

As the solution is truly controller-free it eliminates the requirement for businesses to purchase any additional management hardware, software or AP licenses.  
Xclaim is supported through an online community forum of experts, offering free and instant answers to operational questions.
Pricing and availability
Available immediately at in North America and select countries throughout Europe and Asia, the Xclaim product portfolio includes:
•    Xi-1 indoor 802.11n access point, with an MSRP of $89
•    Xclaim Xi-2 indoor 802.11n access point, with an MSRP of $149
•    Xclaim Xi-3 indoor 802.11ac access point, with an MSRP of $199
•    Xclaim Xo-1 outdoor 802.11ac access point, with an MSRP of $299.

The Harmony for Xclaim mobile application is available now as a free download from the Apple iTunes Store (iOS 7.x and later) and on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones (version 4.1 and higher).  

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