Stream's IoT-X platform chosen by Orion Security Network

Orion’s radio network solution for Internet of Things will use Stream’s connectivity enablement platform to manage low power network devices

Stream's IoT-X platform chosen by Orion Security Network

The Orion Security Network, the end-to-end IoT low power radio network solution, has chosen Stream Technologies’ IoT-X next generation connectivity enablement platform and N+1 backbone infrastructure to engage the low power radio network (LPRN) marketplace as a fully managed end-to-end solution.

IoT-X’s API driven approach, data collection nodes and Stream’s global resilient network make it the perfect PaaS (platform as a service) provider for the Orion Security Network, according to Stream.

Orion is used for high value asset tracking, lone worker safety, smart metering and IoT sensors. It is an end to end IoT/M2M deployment where the customer can quickly and easily allow connected devices to access network infrastructure through their own access points, giving complete control and visibility of their connected solution.

Orion is becoming one of the largest private data networks in the UK and Europe. Customers will benefit from Stream’s OaSys platform, delivering real-time management, troubleshooting and reporting as well as secure and robust deployment of network elements that are connected to Stream’s data collection nodes.

Stream can also provide backhaul connectivity for the remote wireless gateways ensuring a resilient, secure and scalable network for the connected Orion devices.

Stream COO, Kevin McDowall, said: “The integration and deployment of the Orion network is a major step forward in the IoT space, allowing previously unmanaged networks to become fully controlled and commercialised. Allowing a whole new generation of connected products and services to be easily developed and quickly taken to market.”

Orion customers also benefit from the IoT-X ecosystem of application service providers, specialist system integrations and partners. Stream’s recent partnership with opens up the world of IoT and provides access to a large number of upstream partners allowing full end-to-end systems to be deployed without hassle.

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