Telco Systems unveils virtualised firewall and routing network functions apps

New apps run over CloudMetro platform’s virtualised engine, simplifying VNF execution and management for mobile network operators

Telco Systems unveils virtualised firewall and routing network functions apps

Telco Systems has announced the release of its first two TelcoApps, vFirewall and vRouter, enabling service providers to achieve the significant benefits of distributed network functions virtualisation (NFV) throughout their telecom networks.

The TelcoApps products supply useful virtualised network functions (VNFs) that add considerable value by bringing cloud technology to the telecom network, enabling quick installation of virtualised applications.

With TelcoApps, service providers realize the promises of distributed NFV including quick roll-out of new, on-demand and revenue-producing services, agile adaptation to relentlessly changing customer needs, and highly elastic and automatic scalability.

By transferring network functions from physical equipment to virtualised services, TelcoApps enable central control and orchestration, simplifying network management while reducing hardware and operating expenses.

In addition, TelcoApps promote the concept of “apps as a service” commoditisation, presenting service providers with a new level of services to offer their customers.

TelcoApps run on Telco Systems’ CloudMetro distributed NFV demarcation and aggregation platform. CloudMetro hosts the Telco Virtualisation Engine (TVE) infrastructure layer, enabling carrier-grade virtualisation support that simplifies VNF execution and management.

The first app in the TelcoApps arsenal, vFirewall, is based on Check Point’s industry-leading firewall and security technology, empowering service providers with the ability to centrally manage and execute vFirewall instances based on their customers’ needs and service-level agreements. With vFirewall, service providers can offer their customers advanced security gateway functionality as a service.

“We are excited by the enthusiastic response to our TelcoApps product family by leading solutions providers like Check Point, as well as other domain experts and 3rd parties,” declared Moshe Shimon, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Telco Systems.

“As network management and control moves from hardware orientation to software, service providers will be able to experience a steep increase in network efficiencies and service capabilities. The time to start evolving to virtualization is now.”

The second of the TelcoApps, vRouter, virtualises Layer 3 routing functions giving service providers greater flexibility in service design while promoting significant cost-savings.

Operators can centrally manage and quickly execute vRouter instances according to end-customer needs and commercial agreements while eliminating the need to install and maintain expensive hardware devices on customer premises.

The growing TelcoApps software ecosystem is intended to encourage third-parties to mould the virtualisation future by creating apps that will deliver the most effective variety of productive, carrier-grade VNFs.

Service providers will be able to take advantage of third-party “best of breed” applications as they evolve their networks toward virtualisation.

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