Alcatel-Lucent upgrades DJEZZY (OTA) network in Algeria

Microwave packet radio solution will provide DJEZZY (OTA) with 3G connectivity today and 4G LTE ultra-broadband access in the future

Alcatel-Lucent upgrades DJEZZY (OTA) network in Algeria

Alcatel-Lucent is providing DJEZZY  (OTA) with its 9500 microwave packet radio solution, upgrading OTA’s mobile backhaul architecture to meet demand created by expanding ownership of smartphones.

OTA, a division of Vimpelcom, is Algeria’s leading mobile service provider, and Alcatel-Lucent’s 9500 MPR long-haul system will provide it with more than eight times the capacity in a third of the footprint of traditional systems.

The system will also provide a much more cost-effective solution for providing access outside urban areas and in remote regions of Algeria. The network upgrade will support OTA’s current need to provide 3G access as well as offer ultra-broadband 4G LTE services in the future.

DJEZZY (OTA)’s deployment of the Alcatel-Lucent 9500 MPR ensures that the service provider will have proper transmission capabilities now and into the future. Alcatel-Lucent will also be providing DJEZZY (OTA) with its 7705 SAR A and SAM 5620

The MPR will be deployed in four zones out of a total of six, covering 67% of DJEZZY (OTA)’s network. The 9500 MPR long-haul system will satisfy increased demand for data from DJEZZY (OTA)’s customers by providing a path to 10 gigabit-per-second (10G) capacity between microwave towers.

Philip Tohme, CEO of DJEZZY (OTA), said: “Our customers are demanding ultra-broadband connectivity. By increasing the capacity of microwave transmission Alcatel-Lucent’s solution will enable us to offer our customers the services at a top notch technology”

Pierre Chaume, vice-president of Alcatel-Lucent activities in MENA (MiddleEast and North Africa), said: “Our customers demand for increased mobile ultra- broadband capacity seems to be worldwide but each of our customers faces unique challenges in satisfying that demand. For OTA, deployment of our microwave solution is the best way to give their customers what they want today and into the foreseeable future as well.”

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