ParStream unveils analytics platform for the Internet of Things

ParStream’s new analytics platform is designed to handle the massive volumes and high velocity of IoT data to deliver real-time global insights

ParStream unveils analytics platform for the Internet of Things

ParStream, the IoT analytics platform company, introduced the industry’s first analytics platform purpose-built for the speed and scale of the Internet of Things (IoT) this week (14 October 2014).

Enabling an entirely new breed of analytics for the enterprise, the ParStream Analytics Platform is designed to easily scale to handle the massive volumes and high velocity of IoT data.

The platform will help companies generate timely, actionable insights from IoT data by providing more innovative and efficient ways to analyse that data – faster, with greater flexibility and closer to the source.

Data is coming at us faster than ever. With more than two exabytes of data generated every single day, legacy database and analytics tools fall short of the new IoT requirements for speed and scale. The ParStream Analytics Platform uniquely queries at the source of data for real-time analysis as data is being loaded.

The platform provides unified analytics of real-time data in every query and generates more accurate insights for decision-makers with the continuous import of new data.

Designed to enable businesses to more quickly analyze volumes of data, the analytics platform is powered by ParStream DB at its core. The company claimed its patented database has consistently been recognised for industry-leading performance with sub-second query response times in analysing billions of rows of data. ParStream DB can analyse massive amounts of real-time streaming data as well as historical data.

In addition to ParStream DB, the ParStream Analytics Platform includes:

•    Geo-Distributed Analytics to empower users to generate worldwide insights with remote data analysis and to qualify and resolve issues globally. Via ParStream’s Geo-Distributed Analytics Server, the querying engine enables local real-time analytics and storage close to the data source.
•    Time Series Analytics to enable enterprises to quickly analyze fast streaming data together with massive amounts of historical data.
•    Alerts & Actions to monitor data streams, create and qualify alerts, and appropriately execute actions automatically or send notifications.
•    Advanced Analytics to derive models and hypothesis from huge amounts of data by applying statistical functions and analytical models. ParStream DB integrates with Knime, statistical libraries like R, and other machine learning engines.
•    Visualization Connect to enable the seamless integration of Datawatch, a leading visualization tool for IoT analytics.
•    Stream Connect/ETL Connect for the high-velocity ingestion needs of IoT, closely integrated with Informatica’s industry-leading collection tool, Vibe.

Companies using the ParStream Analytics Platform can expect to roll out IoT applications twice as fast versus integrating components in-house from different vendors. Additionally, it is estimated that users will require 30% less resources for testing and supporting applications, because the components are proven, fully tested, integrated and ready to address the needs of IoT.

The ParStream Analytics Platform is available immediately. Geo-Distributed Analytics is currently available in limited production.

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