iTrinegy launches 3-in-1 solution for mitigating application performance issues

NE-ONE combines a cloud, mobile and mixed networks profiler, a network emulator and application performance monitoring technology into one simple to use product

iTrinegy launches 3-in-1 solution for mitigating application performance issues

iTrinegy has released NE-ONE, a combined solution that enables businesses to understand, predict and manage the performance of applications across today’s diverse range of networks.

NE-ONE brings together three iTrinegy products and skills - network profiling, network emulation and application performance monitoring technology, and unifies them for the first time ever into a single solution designed to meet customers’ business application performance management needs.  

Businesses depend on fast-performing networks and applications. Any drain on performance lowers staff productivity and puts revenues and business performance at risk.  NE-ONE aims to solve all these problems.

iTrinegy believes its new product will help businesses deal with the complexity of today’s public, private, cloud, mobile, virtual networks through the use of NE-ONE. The company asserts that the real plus here is that it has eliminated the complexity of using this type of technology.  

Customers do not need to be network specialists to use NE-ONE, as it is very easy to use and due to its modular set-up, clients just use whichever solution they need, when they need it.

The capability for understanding, predicting and managing all aspects of application performance is especially ideal for SMEs, as it gives them three capabilities within one solution.

“Application performance must be at the forefront of IT decisions,” said Frank Puranik, product director at iTrinegy. “The increasing demands of users accessing applications across a myriad of different devices and mixed networks needs to be addressed.

“We developed NE-ONE with this in mind, taking away this pain, making it easier to manage the entire process of application performance across today’s complex networks. In the end it’s about making the business as agile and productive as possible. Solutions like NE-ONE go a long way in making this a reality.”

NE-ONE’s 3-in-1 feature set comprises:

Understand/Profile: NE-ONE enables the discovery, measurement and benchmarking of how network resources are being utilised by users, applications, and servers.

By providing total network transparency, customers gain a full understanding of both the current capacity and, by profiling over time, how cyclical and changing user demands impact the network and business. NE-ONE helps find out quickly – without layers of complexity or a host of different tools.

Predict/Emulate: NE-ONE emulation replicates an existing or proposed new network. For existing networks, the network characteristics are gathered through profiling, while for new networks there is a rich array of built-in scenarios.

Developers and enterprises can see how applications behave before they are deployed in a production environment. And the same applies for a host of other projects – like migrating to the Cloud or rolling out a new mobile app.

Manage/Monitor: This feature enables service providers and users to pinpoint network performance issues, identifying when things go wrong, as well as providing the ability to drill down to the root cause.

It can identify if it’s the network, server, user or application that is causing an issue and reveal if it is a problem of bandwidth, latency or packet loss. Once applications are in the production network, NE-ONE helps manage the performance and can immediately alert customers when things slow down.

Hardware and virtual options
NE-ONE comes in a choice of hardware or software solutions: NE-ONE Edge is the ready-to-go hardware-based solution, while NE-ONE Flex is the agile virtual appliance-based solution that can be quickly deployed wherever it’s needed on to a network. “Customers are free to select the right version for their needs, thereby gaining the greatest return for their investment,” said Puranik.

Speaking to Wireless at IP Expo in London last week (8-9 October), Puranik said: “NE-ONE profiles, simulates, measures, troubleshoots and assesses the performance of your network. The last mile that connects to your environment: it takes performance measurements from the live network and enables you to test what you already have in place.

“The slightly confusing thing is that it is three parts,’ acknowledged Puranik. “But what it allows you to do is understand your wireless environment, predict issues or problems, and to manage and monitor performance of networks and apps.”

Puranik described the NE-ONE product as new, simple and cost effective. “There are three products in the family: the Profiler, which enables you to understand what you have got in terms of network performance; the Network Emulator, which recreates the real network profiles, so you can test new products and applications before release; and Profiler Plus, which allows you to undertake very granular in-depth analysis and testing.”

At the moment the three are only available in separate boxes, but these will be combined into one by the early part of 2015, according to Puranik, through a simple software download onto the emulator. The emulator is available in three models to meet the differing requirements of end users.

“The difference is the higher models can do more things at higher speeds, such as replicating 20 simultaneous networks,” explained Puranik. “If you want to test 4G, good 3G, medium 3G, poor 3G, 2G, Edge and so on that can take quite a long time - several hours for each one. But if you can test the lot in one run that is much quicker and more useful.”

The reason for the virtual NE-ONE Flex is that many customers only operate in virtual stacks, so they need a virtualised version. “What this enables is if a company’s IT director recommends moving to the Cloud, the finance director might say: ok, prove why it will be cheaper. NE-ONE will allow the IT director to obtain some metrics and work out costs,” said Puranik.

He explained that the iTrinegy products can emulate the whole network from end to end. “Network emulators are quite complex and you normally need to be a wireless engineer to run them. But NE-ONE is very easy for a non-specialist to use. It is easy to pre-set network conditions and you can easily add things in like latency and loss when testing performance. The metrics you get back are very easy to read and use too.”

Puranik said that it can be very difficult for some enterprises to know what technology to invest in. One company might have a data centre in Chicago, but end users in London. NE-ONE will enable them to get metrics on the estimated network performance of the solution they come up with. If some of the London end users are using wired technology and others mobile, NE-ONE can show what the wireless performance will be like over the last mile.

“A typical scenario is you start out measuring what you have got. Next, you trial what you think you might like; then after you’ve installed it, you monitor performance and use the tools we provide to investigate what might not be working and identify why,” said Puranik.

NE-ONE shipments will start by the end of October.

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