Ecom launches intrinsically safe Android 4.4 mobile phones

Smart-Ex 01 4G smartphone and Ex-Handy 09 feature phone, aligned with Sonim Technologies, are designed for use in hazardous environments

Ecom launches intrinsically safe Android 4.4 mobile phones

Ecom's new intrinsically safe smartphone Smart-Ex 01 and feature phone Ex-Handy 09 set new paradigms in mobile worker collaboration, safety, security and ease of use in oil and gas, refining, chemical, pharmaceuticals, and other hazardous industries as well as their contractors and service providers.

Following ecom's roots and decades of experiences as the world's first manufacturer and market leader for Zone 1 mobile phones, a new entire family of smartphones, aligned with Sonim Technologies, suitable for use in Zone 1/21 and Division 1, Zone 2/22 and Division 2, is being launched for worldwide use.

Smart-Ex 01 smartphone
Taking advantage of the latest technology advances, the 4G/LTE enabled helps to simplify and streamline the way mobile workers operate and interact with each other, their remote experts, and their backend systems.

Capabilities supported include man-down alarm notification, online documents, digital photos and video, video streaming, integrated torchlight for poorly lit areas, and interfaces to wireless headsets and Bluetooth-enabled data collection ecosystems and beacons.

Ex-Handy 09 feature phone
For users who need a more advanced mobile phone but not a smartphone, the Ex-Handy 09 feature phone is designed to meet this need - providing both push-button and touchscreen mobile phone capabilities plus the performance and connectivity to support simple and more intensive Android applications such as lone worker protection, push-to-talk and other industrial apps.

Both devices include Google PlayStore certification, enabling access to a further 700,000 Android apps - giving users the flexibility to mould the device to meet their needs. And, unlike traditional devices for hazardous areas, device security can be kept securely up to date to prevent malware and other unwanted security threats adversely affecting data and the uptime of devices.

Intrinsically safe certification
These next generation ultra-rugged Android Smartphones complement ecom's existing portfolio of PDAs, tablets and mobile phones, and are supplied with global ATEX/IECEx/NEC certification for use in Zone 1/21 & Class I Division 1 (and Zone 2/22 & Class I Division 2) hazardous areas around the world.

Both are designed to bring the latest mobile communication and computing technologies into hazardous locations to address many of the challenges faced today.

Recognizing that many different work tasks with growing requirements are performed in hazardous areas, ecom is offering an entire family of intrinsically safe phones: the Smart-Ex 01 and the Ex-Handy 09 join the existing Ex-Handy 08.

Available December 2014
Lots of peripherals and accessories suitable for worldwide use in Zone 1/Division 1, Zone 2/Division 2 are completing the comprehensive portfolio. The first in this series of state-of-the-art smartphones and feature phones will be available in production quantities in December 2014.

As all users need to leverage existing cellular networks, both generic versions of the devices are already thoroughly tested and approved for use on several mobile phone networks, including those from AT&T, Bell and Telus.

The 4" capacitive multi-touch screen enables standard desktop applications and video conferencing to become not only mobile but also outstandingly efficient in hazardous areas.

Made of extreme shock and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass(R) 2, the large display increases user productivity due to its larger work surface. The screen brightness and sharpness is both easy on the eyes and visible in direct sunlight and the multi-touch display remains easy to use and accurate - even when wearing gloves or when the screen surface is wet.

Optional built-in cameras (8 MP rear camera and 1 MP front camera) and a full complement of wireless capability allows equipment defects to be captured as inspection and maintenance work is executed, and instantly visible to those who need to diagnose the issue and determine the follow-on actions.

Support for Bluetooth(R) Low Energy (BLE) minimises power consumption and Bluetooth 4.0 increases data transfer speeds, helping you to get even more out of the 3600mAh Li-Ion battery pack.

The Smart-Ex 01 offers IP68 with water and dust resistance. An optional three-year service level agreement provides peace of mind to enterprises and workers alike.

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