ATrack tracking devices support Iridium satellite solution

Devices can be switched between cellular and satellite networks to ensure they are online all the time and to minimise data transmission costs

ATrack tracking devices support Iridium satellite solution

ATrack Technology, the Taiwanese designer and manufacturer of GPS trackers, has introduced a new Iridium satellite solution, supported by AT5/AU7 GPS/GLONASS trackers.

In addition to compatibility with global cellular networks, the AT5 tracker includes GPRS GPS/GLONASS, while the AU7 tracker includes CDMA, HSPA, GPS and GLONASS. The devices are now able to transmit data via satellite networks to provide a true 100% global coverage.

ATrack said the devices are ideal trackers for fleet management and are also suitable for deployments in mining areas, mountains, deserts, and other remote areas.

The intelligent control engine can automatically switch between cellular and satellite networks, which minimises data transmission costs while making sure the trackers are online all the time.

By default, the tracking device will use the cellular network for two-way communication with the server. When a cellular network is unavailable, the tracking device will automatically switch to data transmission via the Iridium satellite network. At the moment, Iridium communication is one-way.

Once the tracking device is back into cellular coverage, it will automatically switch back to data transmission via cellular network. This auto-switch mechanism was developed to minimise airtime costs for the users. ATrack added that it also provides users with the ability to manually switch between cellular and Iridium networks.

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