NetMotion launches Mobility Commercial Edition for mobile workforces

Solution delivers secure, reliable connectivity and improves mobile worker productivity by up to 60% by eliminating common mobility challenges

NetMotion launches Mobility Commercial Edition for mobile workforces

NetMotion Wireless, the provider of mobility management software and solutions, has launched NetMotion Mobility Commercial Edition Mobile VPN for the enterprise to provide mobile workforces with reliable, secure wireless connectivity to on-the-move corporate data.

By creating a consistent, secure connection to applications and corporate assets, regardless of location, device, platform or network, NetMotion Mobility improves mobile worker productivity by up to 60% by eliminating common mobility challenges such as frequently dropped signal connections and lost data.
With 57% of corporate employees now considered mobile workers, the need to create a pervasive network experience across connections and geographies has never been more imperative, the company believes.

NetMotion Mobility said it goes beyond the traditional approach to VPN and MDM solutions to create a virtual, always-on connectivity environment for enterprise workers who rely on mobile devices to get their jobs done. It also shields mobile workers from the problems caused by switching networks, roaming and other forms of coverage drops.  

At the same time, dynamic policies can be tailored to ensure that connections to the enterprise are protected with enterprise-grade encryption or passed-thru for less critical data access. These policies can also be adapted on-the-fly to changing network and application conditions in real-time.
By using advanced traffic optimisation technologies like compression, coalescence, traffic shaping, and best bandwidth routing, corporate mobile device users can also experience up to 13 times faster download speeds for images and up to 90% faster download speeds for web pages.

Organisations can create over 30 policy conditions around device, application, and network access to ensure a peak mobile experience. For example, network priority can be given to mission-critical applications or bandwidth-intensive applications blocked in lower signal areas, so workers can stay productive.  
“The expectation around seamless, uninterrupted access to corporate data is being driven by a generation that is both mobile and always on,” said Erik Prusch, NetMotion Wireless CEO.  “The enterprise experience must span devices and networks at any time of the day.

“The challenges common to enterprise mobility and connectivity should be addressed while also significantly enhancing worker productivity. With our solution, enterprises can create custom solutions for specific users, devices, network connections as well as designate enterprise priority.”  
Mobility Commercial Edition provides a central control point from which enterprises can secure, manage, and optimise mobile worker connectivity. The software works on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, as well as most Windows and Android devices.

Mobility dynamically adjusts to changing network conditions, allowing mobile workers to remain as productive as possible while administrators maintain the control they need to protect the enterprise. Mobility Commercial Edition users thereby spend less time focused on connecting and more time completing tasks and serving customers.
“As more enterprises shift to a mobile-first strategy, they need to knock down the barriers to connectivity for employees who are increasingly expected to work anywhere,” said John Knopf, NetMotion Wireless vice president of product management.

 “We’re delivering the best of both worlds: enabling workers to use the mobile devices they like while providing IT with the peace of mind that comes with ensuring reliable and extremely secure connections to corporate assets.”
Mobility Commercial Edition is a software-only solution targeted for enterprises and it includes modules for network access control, policy enforcement and analytics.

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