Nokia Networks and du achieve voice over LTE call in commercial network

Deployment of VoLTE on Middle East operator du’s network will improve customer experience by enabling simultaneous HD voice calls and video with faster call setup times

Nokia Networks and du achieve voice over LTE call in commercial network

Middle Eastern telecoms provider du achieved voice over LTE (VoLTE) functionality in its live network recently, thanks to Nokia’s VoLTE solution and Professional Services.

With the implementation of this solution, VoLTE compatible handsets successfully connected high-definition (HD) voice calls with faster call setup time, in just 1-2 seconds, while simultaneously accessing ultra-fast 4G data services over the LTE network.
Nokia’s VoLTE solution based on its IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) successfully enabled VoLTE functionality in a most complex multi-vendor LTE network. The key to a successful voice service implementation in LTE network is the ability to execute a verified end-to-end VoLTE solution.

For this project, Nokia’s VoLTE solution consisting of its Liquid Core based IMS was supplied while its Professional Services carried out the network planning and optimisation, smooth system integration, and network implementation in the complex multi-vendor environment. In addition, Nokia Networks provided LTE radio access to du’s commercial network.

Nokia’s VoLTE experts designed, tested and integrated VoLTE into du’s multi-vendor LTE network and achieved this Middle East-first VoLTE implementation in just 80 days, marking this as the world’s fastest implementation.
Recent tests in Nokia Networks Smart Labs show that VoLTE clients are network friendlier than other clients as overall data volume consumed over a period of time show significantly lower consumption for VoLTE, thanks to its more efficient behaviour during stand-by mode.

VoLTE clients also consume less smartphone battery compared to other clients and put less signalling load on networks. With VoLTE, mobile operators have a powerful tool to compete with OTT players.
“With Nokia’s VoLTE solution, we will be able to use the full potential of LTE mobile broadband technology by ensuring seamless HD voice calls and video over our LTE network,” said Saleem Al Balooshi, executive vice president, Network Development and Operations, du.

“We are committed to providing the best mobile broadband experience for our customers, and this has been reconfirmed with this fastest installation and testing of VoLTE services. With our longtime partner Nokia Networks, we will soon be able to provide HD multimedia services including browser-based apps for video conferencing, chat, file sharing and other services for our customers.”
“This achievement underlines our commitment to help du in its initiatives to provide the best VoLTE service experience for its customers, and it further strengthens our continued partnership,” said Tony Awad, head of du customer team at Nokia Networks.

“With its higher spectral efficiency, VoLTE will free up capacity for voice and data services for a better overall customer experience and more efficient use of network resources. In addition, it will reduce operating costs for the operator by enabling network simplification. du will also be able to integrate network resources, optimize network and service management, and simplify service delivery by providing voice and data services on the same LTE network.”

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