Airbus Defence and Space showcases cyber defence portfolio

Airbus to highlight Keelback cyber attack detection solution, secure exchange gateway and Stormshield Network Security unified threat management product

Airbus Defence and Space showcases cyber defence portfolio

Airbus Defence and Space is highlighting its range of cyber security products and services aimed at providing sustainable protection to governmental organisations and industries in Germany and across the world against increasingly complex cyber attacks at the it-sa 2014 security expo in Nuremberg from 7-9 October 2014.
Advanced cyber security capabilities including innovative cyber defence services are an important part of the Airbus Defence and Space offering this year. Within the Cyber Defence Centres tools, expertise and intelligence are gathered to provide full capability to prevent, detect, investigate and remediate cyber attacks.

Based on the company’s advanced threat intelligence capabilities, the services include 24/7 monitoring of IT security, early detection of attacks, instant analysis and incident response.
Another focus is the service for detecting and fighting advanced persistent threats (APTs). The solution named Keelback (pictured) combines classic methods like signature tracking, state-of-the-art detection based on behaviour that reveals activities of attackers as well as weak signals reconnaissance.

Customers benefit from a real-time identification and characterisation of cyber threats with the help of a continuously updated intelligence database as well as advanced detection of attacks through a combination of capabilities working on network and on end-user-devices of customers’ IT infrastructure.
Secure Exchange Gateway
For secure data and information exchange between IT-networks of different classification and security requirements, Airbus Defence and Space is demonstrating its security solution Secure Exchange Gateway (SEG).

The SEG has been developed in close collaboration with the German BSI (Bundesdamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) and controls information exchange based on business rules, labels and permissions context-aware.  
Stormshield Network Security
In addition, the company is introducing a new generation of IT security solutions for networks through its Arkoon-Netasq subsidiary. Called Stormshield Network Security, this leading European unified threat management product provides the next level of network security, available for small and enterprise networks as well as to protect cloud environments instantly.

It is complemented by the so-called Stormshield Endpoint Security solution, a unique approach to provide field-proven protection by immunising windows-based devices against local infiltration by known and unknown attacks.

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