UCOPIA updates Wi-Fi identity and access management platform

Version 5.0 enhances guest user experience, provides better security and offers better revenue-generating opportunities for businesses providing Wi-Fi services to customers

UCOPIA updates Wi-Fi identity and access management platform

UCOPIA Communications has integrated cloud, social and BYOD features and capabilities into the latest version of its Wi-Fi identity and access platform.  

Key benefits of UCOPIA Version 5.0 include: enhanced guest user experience; the provision of better, more granular password security policies; better revenue-generating opportunities for businesses providing Wi-Fi services to customers, and tremendous performance improvements. UCOPIA Version 5.0 is available today, with flexible pricing including a new pay per usage model.

The UCOPIA solution combines security, mobility management and convergence solutions, for voice, video and data applications on wired and wireless networks.

These solutions, which are particularly aimed at companies, hotels, schools, hospitals and local authorities, allow users to safely connect to the network, and to use business applications, Internet and telephony in a simple and safe way.

UCOPIA said its solution has already been deployed globally more than 10,000 times and just last year more than 140 million users around the world connected through a UCOPIA -generated and secured portal.

Didier Plateau, founder and CEO of UCOPIA, which is headquartered in France, believes that the newest version of his company’s solution will transform the end-user experience by, “providing Wi-Fi hotspot providers with a captive and receptive audience for highly-targeted revenue-generating marketing opportunities”.

The new features are equally important for UCOPIA’S growing number of resellers who can now sell Wi-Fi solutions to their customers as a return-generating and profitable service.

Plateau concluded: “Wi-Fi should no longer be seen as a necessary cost of doing business but as an integral revenue-generating tool for organisations of almost any size.”

Key features of UCOPIA Version 5.0 include:

Revenue generation
The platform enables the Wi-Fi provider to capture information on the users accessing the wireless network. The provider is then able to use the user’s details whilst they are on-premise to push live promotions and other targeted marketing messages via the online portal, text message or email.

Integrated OGONE payment system
The OGONE system offers a wide variety of payment solutions (credit card, PayPal, etc.) and 3-D Secure authentication. An event management system is now available for managing the package systems for fixed duration connections or additional access, particularly for use at trade fairs, meetings and conferences.
Social network authentication
Users can now to connect via their social media profiles for easy, fast and unrestricted access through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

Cloud services
The platform can be installed within a private Cloud architecture as well as being available on-premise to provide more flexibility for customers. This means that the solution can be hosted either on the customer's site or in a data centre, via which the customer can manage system maintenance remotely and ensure optimal service quality.

The platform provides secure access for personal devices and adaptable profiles, which can be linked to device type and user profile. For example, mobile phones and tablets might only connect on work days, within working hours and with restricted access rights.

A policy is created to define the length of the access password and the characters that need to be included. For example, it is possible to have a very secure policy for company employees and a more simplified policy for visitors who can self-register via SMS.

A greater than 50% improvement in software performance to meet the requirements of both small projects (lower equipment cost) and large ones (deliver tens of thousands of concurrent users).

Version 5.0 of UCOPIA was released on 15 September 2014. Updates will be available for existing customers via their UCOPIA control consoles in October 2014.

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