Towerstream to take part in next gen Hotspot live experience at Wi-Fi Global Congress

Company to provide Internet coverage to all WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress event attendees at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco

Towerstream to take part in next gen Hotspot live experience at Wi-Fi Global Congress

Towerstream, a 4G and small cell rooftop tower company, today (1 October 2014) announced its participation in the NGH Live Experience being held at the Wi-Fi Global Conference in San Francisco from 6-10 October 2014. Towerstream will also supply the Palace Hotel with dedicated fixed wireless backhaul for the conference.

Over 20 carriers will participate in the NGH Live Experience allowing end users to experience the benefits of Carrier Wi-Fi and Hotspot 2.0 firsthand. Specifically, event attendees will be able to download log-in credentials that recognize select SSIDs enabling a wide range of Passpoint certified devices to seamlessly log-in to a multi-site encrypted Wi-Fi network.

The network coverage features indoor and outdoor locations throughout San Francisco including the Place Hotel as well as Market Street, Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Towerstream’s shared wireless network, which was built to support multiple types of connectivity, will broadcast its own Hotspot 2.0 compatible SSID through its fixed wireless network along with a WBA event SSID and City of San Francisco SSID.

The same credentials will allow attendees Wi-Fi access across all three networks. Specifically, Towerstream's shared wireless network will power connectivity around the Fisherman's Wharf area.

Towerstream will also provide backhaul for the event located at the Palace Hotel. Leveraging its fixed wireless network built in San Francisco, Towerstream will provide a licensed, carrier grade, high capacity, low latency, PTP Internet connection with 200Mbit/sec throughput designed to support the entire infrastructure of the Wi-Fi Global Congress event.

“Last year’s live NGH demonstration in Beijing was a crucial step in proving the validity of Hotspot 2.0 and its future potential,” said Jeff Thompson, Towerstream CEO. “A year later, with the continued explosion of mobile data and new product features coming online everyday like Wi-Fi calling, the industry has taken a giant leap forward as evidenced by the multitude of companies participating in this year’s NGH experience.

“We designed our wireless network several years ago to meet the demands of not only this very moment in time but for many years to come. We applaud the WBA for all its continued efforts to standardise the Wi-Fi roaming experience.”

Towerstream Corporation owns, operates, and leases Wi-Fi and small cell rooftop tower locations to cellular phone operators, tower, Internet and cable companies and hosts a variety of customers on its network.

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