Red Ledge launches RFID based fire appliance asset management system

UK’s West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service now trialling Red Ledge RFID asset management system which claims near 100% accuracy and double-speed delivery

Red Ledge launches RFID based fire appliance asset management system

Software application and engineering company Red Ledge, the Yorkshire-based RFID (radio frequency identification) specialist, is to launch a fire appliance asset management system centred on RFID technology, which runs 90% faster than traditional bar-coding with near-100% accuracy and requires no line of sight, according to the company.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, which is now trialling the Red Ledge RFID Fire Appliance Asset Management on an appliance has identified some 180 individual items on each of its 54 appliances in 46 fire stations that it needs to asset-manage, in line with its daily maintenance schedule.

The Red Ledge system uses a handheld reader that can simply be swept over RFID-tagged equipment on any appliance to identify whether a given item requires maintenance. Updated information is uploaded to the Red Ledge asset management database which is then accessed online by Fire Service users, who also have the option to use their own database.

“All fire and rescue services have a vital but very time-consuming appliance maintenance schedule,” said Red Ledge managing director Andy O’Donnell. “Our new service is designed to improve the speed and accuracy of appliance equipment asset management. It uses RFID technology to save time and resources, increasing accuracy and ultimately, raising safety standards.”

The launch follows Red Ledge’s earlier introduction of a fire incident asset tracking sister system, ‘iSCOPE’, which can track RFID-tagged firefighters across any incident. Both systems can also be used in other public safety, security and industrial environments according to Red Ledge.

Red Ledge products tap into the expanding RFID market, which is seeing the technology being applied to a wider and wider range of applications. The global RFID market is forecast to grow at 22.4% per annum (CAGR) to 2018, according to Infiniti Research.

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