Vip mobile completes NFV IMS trial using Open Source software solution

Vip mobile, part of the Telekom Austria Group, has trialled network function virtualisation on Metaswitch’s Open Source IP Multimedia Subsystem solution

Vip mobile completes NFV IMS trial using Open Source software solution

Serbian mobile operator Vip mobile announced today (25 September 2014) that it is among the first European telecom operators to have successfully trialled a network function virtualisation (NFV).

Vip mobile, part of the Telekom Austria Group, demonstrated NFV technology on Metaswitch’s open source IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) solution, ‘Clearwater’, presenting live residential and business services.

IMS, which provides the architectural framework in LTE networks for delivering IP multimedia services, is a starting point for NFV and a first major NFV candidate to be virtualised and deployed in commercial networks.

The nature of IMS services is favourable to virtualisation, as its implementation is supported by the right timing and technical progress. That is confirmed by Vip mobile’s trial and further validated through the following services: multi-ring (simultaneous ringing), call jump, Wi-fi to GSM call continuity, hosted PBX and many others that were demonstrated live during today’s press conference.

“We are absolutely confident that the NFV technology is a paradigm shift for the telecommunication industry and for the Telekom Austria Group this technology evolution is of great importance. We are very proud that Vip mobile achieved another remarkable milestone in our NFV journey,” commented Günther Ottendorfer, CTO, Telekom Austria Group.

“This is the first time in our Group that an Open Source community project has been used in order to implement telecom services on a virtualised environment in an operator network. Telekom Austria Group has already learned many of the advantages possible with virtualisation, following trials in Croatia and Bulgaria. With Vip mobile’s trial we are also starting to understand what advantages Open Source projects will bring to the Group,” Ottendorfer continued.

Dejan Kastelic, CTO Vip mobile, further commented: “We are more than pleased that Vip mobile counts among one of the first operators in the region to work with the NFV technology. Thanks to industry insights and resources that we have as a member of the Telekom Austria Group, we are able to constantly invest in the improvements of our mobile network and new technologies aimed at offering our customers innovative services and the best mobile experience in Serbia.”

NFV is an important development for the entire telecommunications industry. It is therefore the Telekom Austria Group´s strategy to generate knowledge and experience early on and become a leader in this area, the Group stated.

The Telekom Austria Group has already started a number of NFV trials across the Group with Vipnet in Croatia and Mobiltel in Bulgaria having already reported successful trials, while others are still ongoing or in the planning phase.

Telekom Austria Group said that Open Source is an important ingredient of the entire future telecommunications ecosystem.

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