UK Internet of Things pioneer Neul acquired by Huawei

Cambridge-based Neul bought up by Chinese wireless equipment giant with an eye on developing affordable M2M/IoT solutions in licensed mobile bands

UK Internet of Things pioneer Neul acquired by Huawei

Chinese mobile infrastructure and devices giant has acquired UK Internet of Things pioneer Neul for a reported $25m. The 30-strong company based in Cambridge is a key contributor to the development of the Weightless IoT standard – a low power, low throughput, long battery life IoT solution with devices costing no more than $1-2.

Weightless was originally designed to operate IoT applications in TV White Space bands. However, countries have been slow to ‘de-regulate’ their White Space bands, which saw Neul take the decision last year to move away from White Space and develop solutions and chip sets in the licensed cellular bands with an eye on providing M2M/IoT solutions for mobile operators using their existing spectrum holdings.

Huawei has been working on M2M and IoT solutions in cellular bands and it is likely this, rather than White Space technology, that attracted it to Neul. The two companies have been working together for nine months and an acquisition seems to have been the logical extension to that move.

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