Alcatel-Lucent extends mobile backhaul capabilities for small cells

Full outdoor microwave networking unit and new transceivers accelerate small cell installation for mobile operators while reducing cost and power

Alcatel-Lucent extends mobile backhaul capabilities for small cells

Alcatel-Lucent is extending its wireless mobile backhaul capabilities to allow operators to more quickly and easily deploy high-capacity ultra-broadband coverage via LTE heterogeneous networks (hetnets) - a mix of macro and small cell base stations.

A new full outdoor microwave packet radio (MPR) networking unit helps to save power and cost as operators deliver LTE access to customers everywhere. Alcatel-Lucent is also enhancing its small cell backhaul radio portfolio to more efficiently deliver wireless backhaul across a range of deployment scenarios.
The growing demand for access to data anywhere is driving the need for operators to deploy high-capacity LTE hetnet networks - macro radio coverage augmented by small cells in coverage black spots.

Because of the placement of these smaller radio cells – on lampposts, doorways, and other areas – one of the biggest challenges is to provide backhaul connectivity to the wider network.
To solve this Alcatel-Lucent is extending its mobile backhaul portfolio with a mix of new microwave networking devices. The introduction of the Microwave Services Switch – Outdoor (MSS-O) to the 9500 Microwave Packet Radio (9500 MPR) family simplifies small cell deployment, giving mobile operators more options for placement as they boost backhaul link capacity.

The company is also collaborating with other wireless backhaul product providers, to offer support for a range of small cell backhaul frequency options and address an even greater variety of small cell deployment scenario needs.
Updates to Alcatel-Lucent’s 9500 MPR portfolio
Alcatel-Lucent’s 9500 MPR portfolio delivers a suite of microwave packet radio backhaul solutions. The latest additions to the portfolio include:
The 9500 MPR Microwave Services Switch-Outdoor (MSS-O): a compact, easy to deploy, full outdoor microwave networking device, for boosting link capacity and reliability for small cell backhaul networks.

The 9500 MPR Microwave Packet Transceiver-Sub6 (MPT-Sub6):  a next-generation sub-6Ghz wireless backhaul solution for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) small cell deployments in built-up, urban locations.

The 9500 MPR Microwave Packet Transceiver-Gigabit Services (MPT-GS): providing line-of-sight wireless backhaul solutions at 60GHz and 80GHz frequencies.

Emmy Johnson, principal analyst at Sky Light Research, said: “Alcatel-Lucent is delivering additional flexibility to an already impressive portfolio of mobile backhaul solutions by introducing a full outdoor aggregation unit with carrier class networking features that meets the backhaul needs of both macro and small cell sites.

“This, along with the joint offerings from their industry partnerships, will help streamline the backhaul and reduce costs for the growing number of operators wanting to provide ubiquitous mobile broadband coverage to their customers.”
Francois Allain, general manager of Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireless Transmission business said: “As announced in the Shift Plan last year, we are continuing to innovate as a company as well as focusing on industry collaboration to help our customers. We want to further our leadership in this space, and by extending our packet microwave portfolio and industry leading mobile backhaul solution we can meet the needs of many more customers.”
Alcatel-Lucent is also further simplifying the site selection and backhaul process for small cell deployment with the Small Cells Site Certification Programme, launched in 2013.

Under this programme it is working with local companies such as operators, integrators and other expertise around the world to speed the deployment process for operators.

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