Aberdeen Harbour deploys Siklu high capacity wireless backhaul solution

Scottish port installs new security network to carry segregated traffic from various sources, including streaming HD video enabled by Siklu’s high throughput E-band wireless backhaul

Aberdeen Harbour deploys Siklu high capacity wireless backhaul solution

Aberdeen Harbour has extended its security solutions coverage using high-capacity backhaul from Siklu, the millimeter wave backhaul provider.

The next generation security network is used to carry segregated traffic from a number of sources, including streaming HD video images from the latest IP cameras. This was set up and deployed with no disruption to harbour operations.

Aberdeen Harbour is the centre of activity for the offshore oil and gas industry's marine support operations in northwest Europe, and handles around five million tons of cargo a year.

The creation of the new Torry Marine Base meant the harbour board needed to deploy an integrated security solution, including IP HD CCTV and access control solutions, along with automated vehicle and pedestrian entry points and automatic number plate capture.

This required secure, interference-free and high-capacity backhaul connecting the new base to the existing IT fibre network infrastructure. Laying fibre or utilising leased line solutions was considered, but due to the cost effectiveness and ease of deployment, it was decided to utilise Siklu’s E-band wireless technology.

Distributor Purdicom recommended the Siklu EtherHaul-1200F (pictured at Aberdeen Harbour below) due to its high-capacity, full-duplex gigabit throughput. These links also ensured a future-proof foundation should additional network traffic be required. This was taken into consideration at the design stage.

“Siklu’s EtherHaul is the best choice when you want gigabit throughput at a minimal cost over short distances,” said John Speakman, solutions sales manager for Purdicom. “In the case of Aberdeen Harbour Siklu was able to deliver a secure and reliable solution that could be implemented without disrupting harbour operations.”   

“We’re extremely pleased with the performance of the new high capacity wireless backhaul network, complementing the new integrated security solution we deployed,“ said Liam Mowat, technical director for Scottish Communications Group, which manages the Aberdeen Harbour communications. “Operation is extremely reliable and the support and backup provided by the team at Purdicom throughout was exceptional.”

“Today’s security networks require delivery of hundreds of real-time, full-motion HD video streams. Siklu’s ultra-high capacity is the perfect fit to deliver those streams," explained Andrew Westerman, sales director, Western Europe, at Siklu. “We’re happy to contribute to expanded security at Aberdeen Harbour.”

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