Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service chooses Motorola Mototrbo radios

Contract includes more than 500 MOTOTRBO digital portable radios, include ATEX handsets along with accessories including noise-cancelling remote speaker microphones and Bluetooth PTT headsets

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service chooses Motorola Mototrbo radios

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service (GMFRS) has selected Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO radios with IMPRES audio quality and noise cancelling audio accessories to enhance fire-ground communications and safety for 1,200 firefighters across the North West of England.

Working with Motorola Solutions partner Radiocoms Systems, GMFRS has provided fire and rescue service officers with more than 500 Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO radios, which improve voice quality and clarity even in the noisiest of emergency situations.

The MOTOTRBO radios with IMPRES industrial noise cancelling remote speaker microphones and noise-cancelling earpieces help suppress ambient noise, amplify loudness and improve voice intelligibility.

This ensures firefighters using breathing apparatus (BA), even when fighting fires deep inside buildings or outside operating noisy equipment – pumps, positive pressure ventilation (PPV) fans or ultra-high pressure (UHP) lances - can now clearly hear instructions.

GMFRS is deploying more than 400 DP4601 portable two-way radios with industrial noise-cancelling remote speaker microphones (RSM) for firefighters.  DP4801 portable two-way radios with Bluetooth PTT headset are supplied for duty officers and DP4401 Ex ATEX radios with RSM for use in hazardous and explosive environments.

Since April 2014, GMFRS is one of four fire services to fall under the responsibility of North West Fire Control, which requires it to work in close collaboration with services in Cumbria, Lancashire and Cheshire.

The digital MOTOTRBO radios give GMFS greater interoperability with other fire services, which have already migrated to digital mobile radio (DMR) for fire-ground communications, as well as the option to interoperate with older analogue radios.

Using Motorola Solutions’ DR 3000 repeaters, the GMFRS’ MOTOTRBO network can also be activated to ensure excellent voice clarity if operations extend over a wider coverage area.

All the MOTOTRBO radios supplied include Service from the Start – a five year maintenance contract that helps optimise equipment availability whilst fixing costs. Motorola Solutions said its MOTOTRBO radios meet the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard (ETSI TS 102 361 -1, -2, -3).
Mark Scoales, senior radio/voice communications analyst, GMFRS, said: “The MOTOTRBO radios offer improved functionality, flexibility, coverage and mission critical clear communications, decisively for BA wearers and officers operating PPV fans and UHP lances. Our firefighters’ feedback has been exceptional. They now know that their messages will be heard clearly, the first time.”

Iain Clarke, VP, Western Europe Government Sales, Motorola Solutions, commented: “Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service’s move to MOTOTRBO has improved firefighting capabilities and efficiencies, as well as public and operational safety. MOTOTRBO provides robust, cost effective, future-proof and efficient communications which co-operate with neighbouring fire services in the North West of England.”

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