Enterprise customers demand mix of both ruggedised and consumer mobile devices

Managed mobile services provider Peak-Ryzex says industry will need to be able to managed mixed estate of industrial ruggedised and ordinary consumer devices

Enterprise customers demand mix of both ruggedised and consumer mobile devices

Enterprise mobility experts at Peak-Ryzex report that customer demand for consumer devices is changing the landscape of rugged solutions used for business applications.

According, to Peak-Ryzex, end-users in all markets have more awareness of the wider mobile enterprise options available to them when they seek to mobilise their business processes.

These mobile savvy end-users also give greater consideration to whether a consumer device is more cost effective for their application even if it needs replacing before a more expensive best of breed product is treated to an update.
Damian Penney, managing director, Peak-Ryzex Europe, said: “Clearly at this stage in technological evolution consumer devices are competing against purpose made industrial products designed specifically for reliability and long life in enterprise applications.

“However, we cannot ignore the fact that Apple iPads and Android-based devices are gaining ground in business environments. Also, with Samsung looking to double its revenues in the B2B market this year, clearly no one in the enterprise mobility space can rest on their laurels of past successes when dynamic companies like Apple and Samsung are making waves in what was dominated traditionally by rugged devices.”
Penney continued: “Indeed, we have to be ready for an increasingly mixed estate of mobile devices that will include rugged industrial technology together with consumer-grade smartphones and tablet PCs. End users know what their own personal devices can do and their expectations are that similar technology will also work in the business environment.

“Customers, therefore, do know what they want and we have to be ready to service and support their needs, particularly as consumer devices are updated more regularly, which can cause some confusion for them as they can end up with a very broad mixed estate.”
To support mixed estates, the company launched a new fully managed mobile services (MMS) offering for consumer tablets, smartphones (Android, Apple iOS and Windows 8) and other wireless devices.

The services mirror the comprehensive managed mobility services Peak-Ryzex provides for rugged, industrial mobile devices making it the first Pan-Atlantic company focused solely on providing fully managed mobile services.

The new combined offering enables companies with mixed mobile device estates to benefit from outsourcing all their mobility needs to a single managed services provider regardless of the type of device or operating system, which ultimately reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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