Grant Thornton installs Aerohive Wi-Fi across US offices

Accountancy firm deploys 500 Aerohive AP121, AP330, AP340, and AP350 access points in all US office locations across three separate networks

Grant Thornton installs Aerohive Wi-Fi across US offices

Grant Thornton LLP, the fifth-largest public accounting firm in the United States, has deployed Aerohive’s controller-less networking solution within its offices across the country, providing reliable and resilient Wi-Fi to meet the growing needs of its employees.  

With Aerohive, Grant Thornton can now efficiently support its iEverything enterprise, increase business efficiency and ultimately improve the overall environment of its offices nationwide.  
As the fifth largest public accounting firm in the United States, Grant Thornton has revenue in excess of $1.3 billion and operates 57 offices across the US, with more than 500 partners and 6,000 employees.
Previously, Grant Thornton relied on a limited number of Cisco access points to provide Wi-Fi in only a handful of its offices, but this antiquated, controller-based wireless technology quickly proved to be too slow and easily overwhelmed and unable to properly support the increase in network traffic.
As a result, Grant Thornton recognized it needed a complete wireless infrastructure overhaul. They began searching for a resilient, centrally managed networking solution that could provide reliable wireless access across the firm’s widely distributed offices, accommodate the firm’s growing mobile enterprise and easily configure and differentiate all devices on the network, giving company-issued devices highest priority.
Grant Thornton evaluated a few traditional networking vendors, including Cisco, Aruba Networks and Aerohive Networks. Ultimately, Aerohive was selected for its ease-of-use, strong feature set, central management capability and cost-effective, controller-less solution.
Grant Thornton has deployed more than 500 Aerohive AP121, AP330, AP340, and AP350 access points in all US office locations across three separate networks to support corporate-issued laptops, mobile devices, appliances and touch panels used in the firm’s media centres.
Grant Thornton is also leveraging Aerohive’s Quality of Service (QoS) features to provide priority over corporate-issued devices in high-traffic situations, ensuring that video and voice communications are optimized. Additionally, the firm is utilising Aerohive’s HiveManager Network Management System in each of its two data centres for centralised configuration, monitoring and management.
With Aerohive’s reliable connectivity, Grant Thornton has seen a tremendous increase in the already large number of mobile and BYOD’s at the firm. This allows employees to be 100% mobile, providing instant access to important data and information anytime, anywhere, most notably for the auditors who often gather in teams and hold frequent impromptu meetings in all areas in the office.

In addition, since deploying Aerohive, all VoIP and video communications are quickly, easily and securely executed, increasing knowledge sharing and productivity across distributed locations.

With Aerohive’s next-generation controller-less solution, not only did Grant Thornton LLP revamp its wireless network, but it increased business efficiency and improved the overall office environment as well.
Jim Arener, senior network engineer, Grant Thornton LLP, said: “From a technical standpoint, our wireless environment is very stable now, we enjoy much faster access and network speeds with better coverage and reliability, allowing Grant Thornton to be more efficient, more mobile and ultimately provide superior service to our clients.”

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