Sepura announces apps partnership with Skyscape Cloud Services

Sepura launches cloud-enabled applications portfolio for the UK public safety market via alliance with cloud service provider Skyscape

Sepura announces apps partnership with Skyscape Cloud Services

Sepura has announced the launch of its cloud-enabled applications portfolio, which is brought to the UK Public Safety market through a strategic alliance with assured cloud service provider Skyscape Cloud Services.

Jonathan Hamill, Sepura’s VPresident for government and public safety, commented: “This partnership enables ease of access to our applications portfolio, providing the ability to host our applications on a secure and accredited government cloud, and therefore considerably reduce our customer’s in-house IT infrastructure costs.”

The partnership is expected to also provide connections to other government systems such as the Police National Network (PNN) and the Police National Computer (PNC), providing the ability to integrate with a range of Sepura’s efficiency boosting applications.

“We look forward to working with Sepura to provide transformational IT services to the UK public sector," said Simon Hansford, CTO of Skyscape Cloud Services. “Sepura join an extensive network of valued partners who use our UK sovereign, UK assured cloud platform to offer services to public sector organisations that offer innovation, high-value, cost-effective IT solutions, which ultimately benefit each and every UK citizen and tax payer”.

Sepura provides TETRA two-way radios to the UK public safety market, and its applications are used for messaging; vehicle and person tracking; remote interrogation of legacy IT, database and other back-office systems; mission critical picture message alerting and applications for next generation public safety answering points (PSAP).

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