Cloudberry Mobile to launch carrier-neutral small cell network

Network is designed to solve problems of coverage black spots and slow data speeds by allowing devices to roam onto the Cloudberry network if it provides a stronger signal

Cloudberry Mobile to launch carrier-neutral small cell network

Small cell network operator Cloudberry Mobile announced that it will be launching the world’s first carrier-neutral small cell network at CTIA 2014 Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas this week (9 September 2014). The service is designed to solve the problems of coverage black spots and slow data speeds.

The network will give carriers, and their users, access to a higher calibre of coverage and faster data speeds. Existing devices will simply roam onto the Cloudberry network when it provides the strongest signal. The company’s first network is being deployed in Norway in nationwide 2.6Ghz spectrum, providing a model that can be replicated in markets globally.
Cloudberry Mobile is disrupting the traditional mobile carrier model, solving the two biggest pains for today’s smartphone users – no signal and slow data speeds. By using only cost effective, high-quality, rapid to deploy small cells rather than traditional base stations, the company can deliver optimal cellular coverage and faster data speeds wherever they are needed.
Small cells are 3G/4G networks in a box the size of a Wi-Fi router. The small cells use Ubiquisys (now part of Cisco) intelligent small cell technology. They can be installed in minutes and can form networks that intelligently manage themselves, they can be placed in homes, offices, or outside – anyplace where phones need to work better. Cloudberry is working with traditional carriers, MVNOs and new players delivering its network-as-a-service model.
“The past five years have seen mobile devices evolve beyond all recognition, however, this has not been mirrored by the mobile networks they run on. While phones get smarter, the old problems of coverage blackspots and throttled data are in many cases getting worse," said Tom Guldberg, CEO of Cloudberry Mobile.

"The carrier-neutral small cell network offers the solution to this problem, changing the mobile network in the same way the introduction of the iPhone did for phones."
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