Anite launches network testing application for indoor coverage

Anite’s Nemo In-Building Coverage Meter enables operators’ sales staff to easily and instantly verify the quality of wireless services while in the field, saving both time and money

Anite launches network testing application for indoor coverage

Anite has released its Nemo In-Building Coverage Meter (Nemo IBC Meter) designed to give instant in-building network voice and data quality measurements. the wireless network testing technology provider unveiled the application today (8 September 2014) and is claiming an industry first professional solution for wireless service reporting in the field.

The application is aimed at mobile operators’ corporate sales executives. It enables them to carry out a fast ‘test and check’ to identify how well the network performs in premises, instantly verifying the quality of network performance and automatically reporting data back to the operator’s network planning teams.
“Using Nemo IBC Meter, operators no longer have to send out consultants to verify network quality at locations where business specific services or added capacity solutions are being sold. This can now be done by sales executives, saving both time and money,” Anite Network Testing CTO Kai Ojala.

“Crowd-sourced free data testing applications show only a small sample of what is going on in the network and do not provide the level of depth needed by corporate sales teams. Nemo IBC Meter, however, enables all technologies and both voice and data services to be tested, highlighting multiple simple Key Performance Indicators to the customer.”
The tool has an easy to use user interface and once measurements are complete, and a description of the different network layers is given, Nemo IBC Meter creates a report which can then be forwarded to the team responsible for network performance.

The data can also be further refined and visualised in Anite’s Nemo Analyze post-processing tool or in any other post-processing tool supporting the Nemo file format. Behind the key parameters presented, a log file with full engineering level parameters is stored and automatically uploaded to ensure any issues are analysed and the network further optimised.

Speaking to Wireless, Ojala said: ‘The Nemo IBC Meter enables the operator to see how each of the network layers, 2G and 3G and 4G LTE, are performing once you go inside a building. So, the operator’s sales force and the network planners and engineers now have access to a data testing application. They can measure the different layers and get a detailed view of how each of them is performing.

‘The operator sales force can use it to help sell a new service or keep the end user on side by demonstrating the network coverage, capacity and data speeds. For them it is very easy to use as they do not have to do any configurations. They can show the end customer immediately how well the network is working, or get a much faster response to problem areas, as you no longer have to wait for busy specialist engineers to come along and undertake measurements.

‘Before the sales guys could report that the coverage wasn’t good somewhere, but they weren’t able to provide any hard facts. Now they can get accurate reading, which goes straight back to the engineers and radio planning staff.’

Ojala said that by taking these kinds of snapshot readings it will also help the operator define the kinds of things it might need to do on the network to build up coverage or capacity inside a building. ‘Engineers cannot go everywhere, so if other people in the operator workforce can do it you save time and money.’

He reports that the operators which have seen the application are very keen on using it. ‘So far the feedback has been really positive from the customers we have visited with the application and it fits well into their processes. It is simple and easy to use.’

The application will be available by the end of September and customer trials are starting immediately. The product will also be demonstrated at the Anite stand #6142 at the Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas 9-11 September 2014.

At the show, Anite will also showcase its Nemo products supporting VoLTE testing, Nemo Handy-A for handheld measurements, Nemo Outdoor for drive testing and Nemo Analyze for professional post processing of measurement data.

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