Tait adds quad-mode functionality to TP9300 DMR Tier 3 two-way radio

Tait TP9300 handheld can operate in four different radio standards: DMR Tier 3, DMR Tier 2, MPT1327 analogue trunked mode and analogue conventional mode

Tait adds quad-mode functionality to TP9300 DMR Tier 3 two-way radio

The Tait TP9300 DMR Tier 3 radio now comes with quad-mode functionality ensuring each is capable of running on four different standards: DMR Tier 3; DMR Tier 2, MPT1327 analogue trunked mode; and analogue conventional mode.

With four different operating modes the TP9300 portables can roam between DMR and MPT networks and have inbuilt GPS, Bluetooth technology and IP67 rating for demanding environments, delivering improved efficiency and enhanced usability for mission and business critical users. Key features include:
•    Future proof quad-mode portable (DMR trunking, DMR conventional, MPT1327 and conventional analogue FM)
•    Full adherence to DMR standards providing choice and interoperability
•    Engineered for demanding environments with IP67 rating
•    Increased voice usability with integrated Bluetooth wireless technology connectivity
•    Integrated GPS to improve efficiency and safety
•    Text messaging and status calls to enhance your communications environment
•    Crystal-clear audio quality
•    Packet data over traffic channels for workforce management, SCADA, telemetry and other applications
•    Available in a range of models and configurable to suit your application
•    Colour options available – black, orange and hi-visibility green.

Moving a radio fleet from analogue to digital has therefore never been easier, according to Tait. Before changing existing infrastructure, customers can upgrade their terminals at a pace that suits their needs. Once the entire organisation is equipped and digital infrastructure is in place, the organisation can ‘flip the switch’ and everyone will seamlessly migrate to digital.

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