Nokia Networks introduces new advanced content delivery solutions

Nokia launches a new set of pre-configured applications to provide high-quality voice and data with embedded real-time communications, services for its cloud-enabled VoLTE

Nokia Networks introduces new advanced content delivery solutions

Nokia Networks has developed a number of new features that will generate new revenue for operators and make networks perform more efficiently. The features are designed to ensure delivery of content across mobile networks is efficient and profitable to ensure a valuable mobile broadband experience.
It has also extended the value of its Liquid Applications solution with the ability to host multiple applications, including those from third parties. Application developers and operators can now take advantage of a new application innovation center in Bath, UK, jointly managed by Nokia Networks and Intel.

In addition, a number of applications provided by the Nokia Networks AppFactory can be pre-configured for immediate deployment within operator networks:

Video Orchestration provides a new multimedia experience at special events, including race tracks, football stadiums, and fairs. This enables new video services, for example, streaming a live feed from inside a racing car, in real time, to fans at the trackside.

Real-time Analytics capture user and service performance data to provide operators with new real-time insights into user experience for optimizing content delivery.

Augmented Reality is handled directly at the base station to enable fast image recognition with a person’s immediate surroundings and delivery of relevant digital content without loading traffic across the network.

“Our Liquid Applications is already being used in a number of trials and commercial operator deployments. Now we’ve further enhanced it to help both operators and content providers capitalize on the power of distributed and programmable computing,” said Dirk Lindemeier, head of Liquid Applications at Nokia Networks (pictured above). “We will also realize significant improvements in how users experience different types of content and applications.”
Nokia Networks has recently signed an AppFactory agreement with Broadpeak adding the France-based vendor to its list of 3rd-party application developers and collaborators. Broadpeak’s nanoCDN application will be developed for Liquid Applications to extend content delivery network capabilities to the base station.
“We selected Nokia Networks as our LTE network supplier for radio, core, services and for its innovative Liquid Applications solution,” said Ron Shvili, chief technology officer at Cellcom Israel. “This was a key differentiator for us as it will significantly enhance our customers’ mobile broadband experience as well as realize our own vision of creating a new industry benchmark in Israel.”
To further enhance rich multi-media experience for voice and data, Nokia Networks is launching its Border Control solution to enable the secure delivery of all IMS-based services over all connection types. Combined with the company’s scalable, cloud-enabled VoLTE solution, this allows mobile operators to differentiate through new voice services including Voice over WiFi.
New LTE Quality of Service (QoS) features will allow operators to better manage network resources as well as high quality services for users. A nominal bit rate can now be provided for users at the cell edge experiencing poor radio conditions, for an improved level of service.

LTE’s dedicated bearer functionality is also exploited to deliver high-quality and prioritized streaming services for third parties, such as content delivery network providers.
For smooth network operations, Nokia Networks backs up these content delivery solutions with its services portfolio that includes system integration, network planning and optimization, network implementation, competence development as well as hardware and software care.
Nokia Networks will be at permanent meeting room 203 during Super Mobility Week at CTIA in Las Vegas, USA, 9-11September 2014.
In addition, Nokia Liquid Applications is part of a Proof-of-Concept with T-Mobile USA to show how an LTE base station can provide road hazard warnings to cars in real-time and is being demonstrated at ITS World Congress in Detroit, USA on 7-11 September 2014.

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