Spirent unveils new VoLTE Launch Readiness solution

Spirent unveils complete solution for measuring and analyzing VoLTE user experience in live networks including voice, video calling and battery life analytics

Spirent unveils new VoLTE Launch Readiness solution

Spirent Communications has announced the availability of its VoLTE Launch Readiness solution, which is designed to address the most critical challenge operators launching voice over LTE voice and video calling services face.

The solution should ensure new VoLTE devices and services will deliver an experience as good or better than legacy and over-the-top (OTT) services.

The VoLTE Launch Readiness solution is the world’s first complete solution for evaluating and comparing the user experience (UX) of VoLTE services in live networks, using any mobile device, across voice, video and battery life dimensions, according to Spirent.

“The number one question we’re hearing from operators and device manufacturers right now is: “Are my new VoLTE devices and services ready to launch?” said Des Owens, general manager, service experience at Spirent.

“Our new VoLTE Launch Readiness solution provides the answers they need, by allowing them to evaluate the user experience of new VoLTE devices and services and compare it with legacy and OTT service experience. The goal for VoLTE is to improve key aspects of the experience, like reliability, speech quality and video quality, without negatively impacting the battery life of the device.

“We collaborated with Signals Research Group on their recent VoLTE user experience study in a live US network, which showed that VoLTE has the potential to outperform both legacy circuit-switched and OTT voice services in real-world implementations.”

The VoLTE Launch Readiness solution delivers a statistically robust methodology for measuring and analysing VoLTE, OTT and legacy services based on mobile-to-mobile calls in live networks. The measurement and analysis methodology has been refined working with multiple tier 1 operators rolling out VoLTE voice and IR.94 video calling services.

The solution enables evaluation of a wide range of experience metrics including call setup time, connection success rate, speech quality, conversational speech delay, observed frame rate, frozen and impaired frames, a/v sync and more.

Spirent’s full suite of user experience analytics systems include: Nomad (for voice services including VoLTE and OTT), Datum (for data services), Chromatic (for video calling including VoLTE IR.94 and OTT) and Quantum (for battery life).

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