Sepura appoints six new apprentices following recruitment campaign

Apprentice programme previously only targeted engineers has now been extended to a larger number of departments including finance, purchasing and project management

Sepura appoints six new apprentices following recruitment campaign

Sepura has announced the appointment of six new apprentices as a result of the recruitment campaign launched in the beginning of July this year.

Starting today (2 September 2014) all the apprentices join a three week induction course which will expose them to all aspects of the business, encouraging them to grow together as a group and feel part of Sepura’s workforce of the future, the company said.

The new recruits join Sepura from Cambridge Regional College (CRC) and other local learning organisations affiliated with the CRC. The programme, previously opened only to apprentice engineers, has been extended to other roles and competencies and has been rolled out across a wider cross section of departments including finance, project management and purchasing, as well as the product development function.   

Keith Kenny, mechanical engineering team leader and in charge of the scheme for Sepura, commented: “Our apprenticeship programme has gone from strength to strength; the appointment of our latest apprentices is testament to, and builds on, the success of the scheme. Our first apprentices are making excellent progress, they are learning, growing professionally and have started to add real value to the organisation.”

Keith Kenny continues: “Committing to apprenticeship is a great undertaking for any organisation as it requires time, dedication and commitment to the development of the new recruits who initially need constant support and guidance; but all this should not outweigh the benefits deriving from the continuous injection of fresh and new ideas applied to projects, initiatives and problem-solving.”

Top row from left to right: Edward Fondo, NPI; Luke Snow, finance; Jacob Newman, SCC & Q

Bottom row from left to right: Carla Busby, project management; Charlie Robertson, T&I; Katy Kingsbury, purchasing

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