Ericsson-LG and SKT to research Cloud orchestration technology

Ericsson-LG and SKT seek collaboration in various areas to innovate next-generation network technologies including NFV, Cloud and SDN

Ericsson-LG and SKT to research Cloud orchestration technology

The Ericsson-LG joint venture and South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom have signed an MOU for R&D collaboration to verify Cloud Orchestration technology.

In preparation for the 5G era, communications service providers are actively engaging in developing technologies such as NFV (network functions virtualisation), Cloud and SDN (software defined networking) to better utilise network resources and achieve maximum efficiency in network operation.

Ericsson’s Cloud Orchestration, one of several major technologies for 5G, is an NFV-based cloud solution that enables a central detection, control, operation and optimisation of separately running applications and hardware infrastructure.

The aim is to allow communications service providers to make efficient use of network resources, maximise their network performance and to enable the operation of a wide array of additional services.

Ericsson said its cloud technology is ‘well known for excellent stability, reliability and high quality’. It helps service providers to secure flexibility and agility in network operation, reduce investment and operational costs, and save time in developing new services and introducing them in the market.

Park Jin-hyo, head of Network Technology R&D Centre at SK Telecom, said: “Orchestration of integrated network services is a key for the next-generation 5G network. It is an essential technology to maximise efficiency and automation of increasingly advanced and complex network, and revitalise a 5G network service ecosystem based on a user-centric, open network.”

And he added: “SK Telecom would take the lead in making a successful evolution toward 5G network and creating a user-centred 5G service ecosystem, in joint R&D efforts with Ericsson-LG.”

Martin Wiktorin, CEO of Ericsson-LG, said: “To efficiently manage explosive growth in data traffic, flexible network operation is critical. We are very pleased to forge an R&D partnership with SK Telecom, which would help optimise use of communication network and facilitate a transition toward a more flexible network.

“We would continue to closely work with our customers, lead technological innovation for diverse next-generation network—including Cloud technology—and pioneer technological breakthroughs in the future.”

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