Icom UK launches new microsite for its IP Advanced Radio system

New microsite showcases Icom’s wireless LAN system, which combines the benefits of PMR radio and more, but over free unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum

Icom UK launches new microsite for its IP Advanced Radio system

Icom UK as unveiled a new micro site dedicated to accompany the recent launch of its revolutionary new IP Advanced Radio system. The new website introduces the fully duplex radio system (when used with a headset) which works over a wireless LAN and IP network, meaning no license fee or call charges.

The new website introduces this new technology and the benefits it could provide various businesses involved in the hospitality, manufacturing, maritime, security sectors, amongst many. The website also showcases Icom’s new product range.

Ian Lockyer, marketing manager of Icom UK, said: ‘With this being such an innovative technology, we made the decision to create a dedicated microsite. As the system is so very easy to use and the customer base is incredibly diverse, we decided to keep the tone and the content of the site as simple as possible.’

The new microsite can be found here: http://www.ipradio.co.uk

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