Huawei and China Telecom deploy LTE eMBMS at 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games

Evolved multimedia broadcast/multicast service to be trialled at the games with 18,000 Huawei C8817 eMBMS-enabled device units issued to volunteers

Huawei and China Telecom deploy LTE eMBMS at 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games

Huawei and China Telecom have announced the pre-commercial use of what they claim is the world's first LTE-based evolved multimedia broadcast/multicast service (eMBMS), which is being deployed for the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) running from 16 to 28 August.

eMBMS will enable a high-quality video viewing experience for mobile LTE users during the YOG, demonstrating a significant step forward for Huawei and China Telecom in building quality LTE networks.

Traditional mobile video services are incapable of supporting large international sports events, such as the YOG, leading to delays and video freezing due to limited network speed and high population density, as well as significant fees incurred to cover the cost of the data traffic consumed.

To address these challenges, Huawei and China Telecom developed the LTE-based eMBMS solution and will provide full technical support for the YOG.

Also called LTE broadcasting, eMBMS is one of the most efficient mobile video-bearing technologies. It is an advanced mobile video distribution technology that helps carriers greatly cut costs while transmitting audio or video content to multiple users at the same time on an LTE network.

Compared with MBMS, eMBMS supports bigger bandwidth and decreases delay, allowing for more channels and video content, a smoother HD picture, and better overall user experience.

During the YOG, Huawei and China Telecom will demonstrate the eMBMS service live at the YOG Control Center, the Olympic Sports Center, the temporary business hall in the Youth Olympic Village (YOG), as well as tertiary educational institutions, such as Hohai University campus and Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications campus, in Nanjing.

In addition, China Telecom has made 18,000 Huawei C8817 eMBMS-enabled device units available to YOG service volunteers so that they can enjoy watching HD YOG games on their mobile terminals anytime, anywhere, and free of charge.

Nearly 30 global carriers are currently involved in building LTE network multicast capabilities. Huawei has also worked with several other carriers, such as Telcom Italy, and EE in UK, to promote eMBMS commercialisation.

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