Texan healthcare provider Daybreak Venture deploys Aerohive Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi network will support healthcare staff and provide access to electronic health records, as well as enabling patients to access the Internet, across more than 75 facilities

Texan healthcare provider Daybreak Venture deploys Aerohive Wi-Fi

Daybreak Venture, a Texas-based provider of skilled rehabilitation and nursing care, has deployed Aerohive Networks’ secure wireless networking solution to support electronic health records (EHR) access, provide wireless Internet to both residents and guests and ultimately to administer superior patient care.
Daybreak Venture is a provider of long-term and assisted living rehabilitative care in Texas with more than 75 geographically distributed facilities, as well as four additional facilities located in Missouri. With more than 5,400 employees, the organisation offers services for skilled nursing, hospice, respite care and long-term care.
Daybreak Venture began leveraging Wi-Fi-enabled technology to deliver greater services and innovative programs for residents across 20 locations. However, the organisation only had Cisco’s controller-based networking technology and lacked the budget to equip the rest of its facilities with Cisco WLAN controllers.

The long-term care provider recognised it needed to upgrade to a more cost-effective, centrally managed controller-less networking solution that would enable the organisation to implement a comprehensive Wi-Fi infrastructure.
Daybreak Venture evaluated several networking solution providers, but ultimately selected Aerohive for its cost-effective, controller-less solution, strong feature set, central management capability and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant security standards.
The company has started deploying Aerohive’s AP121 access points throughout each facility, with plans to conclude the full rollout in the next year. In addition, the organisation is also leveraging Aerohive’s HiveManager Networking Management System for centralised configuration, monitoring and management.
Using the Aerohive Wi-Fi network, Daybreak Venture has installed point-of-care workstations, allowing staff to quickly and easily enter patient data and information such as medication activities, vitals and notes, bringing documentation closer to patients and enabling staff to deliver care more efficiently.

Additionally, physicians can now access EHR both on site and remotely to improve clinical workflow, decrease oversight and provide constant patient monitoring.
Since implementing Aerohive, Daybreak Venture has been able to securely deploy a network that supports HIPAA compliance standards, and patient privacy and data protection regulations, as well as provide secure guest access to its residents and visitors.
“From enabling us to install point-of-care workstations to putting plans in place for medical personnel to use tablets in their daily care routines, Daybreak Venture is more than pleased with the wireless solution from Aerohive,” said John Valker, CIO, Daybreak Venture.

“We highly recommend Aerohive to any medical provider that wants to offer not only enhanced medical care and greater oversight, but to provide Wi-Fi for residents and guests. Daybreak Venture chose Aerohive for its controller-less architecture that has proven to meet our requirements across the board.”

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