Simoco deploys critical comms network for Western Power Distribution

Xfin PMR system with IP backbone has been installed in UK utilities network in the Midlands following successful network replacement project

Simoco deploys critical comms network for Western Power Distribution

Simoco has implemented a £5 million critical communications network for Western Power Distribution in the Midlands, UK. Now fully operational, the Xfin system provides users with higher levels of resilience, redundancy and efficiency.

This new implementation follows the successful Private Mobile Radio (PMR) network replacement project with the utilities firm, where Simoco delivered 104 radio sites and 1,500 vehicle installations across the South West and South Wales.
The Xfin system delivers voice and data communications over an IP backbone, providing critical communications to the company’s workforce – from management level through to field-based operatives. It ensures that wide area coverage is achieved in both urban and rural areas across the Midlands.

The large network includes 480 base stations over 120 radio sites, 135 dispatcher PC applications, 2,500 vehicle mobile installations and SIP telephony connectivity to its users.
“The success of the South West and South Wales project led us to choose Simoco to extend our critical communications network to the Midlands,” said Kevan Scott, Surf Telecoms Manager at Western Power Distribution.

 “Since completion, the network and radios have been providing outstanding voice and data communications to Western Power Distribution. It continues to give our users an effective means of communication in everyday activities as well as emergency situations where standard methods of communications are not always operating or reliable,” said Scott.
Xfin has already proved its worth to the thousands of field engineers at Western Power Distribution. During storm conditions, for example, engineers are required to restore power on the electricity network as soon as possible and with minimum risk. The system has proven to be reliable in ensuring staff safety, and has reinforced the company’s decision to invest in PMR over the use of often unreliable cellular services.
“With Western Power Distribution delivering electricity to over 7.8 million customers across a 55,500+ square kilometre service area, responsive communication is critical for the staff that often work in remote and harsh environments,” said Paul Lawrence, EMEA general manager at Simoco.

“When power lines are down, our PMR technology is among the most reliable for extreme conditions, emergency situations and across large fleets of network wide users. Xfin guarantees that managers and field-based engineers can use the system when they need it the most as well as support customers in the most efficient way possible.”

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