Kenwood launches DMR Tier 2 compatible repeaters

Two new DMR Tier 2 repeaters are designed to augment Kenwood’s high-end DMR TK-D200/D300 portable two-way radio terminals

Kenwood launches DMR Tier 2 compatible repeaters

Kenwood has unveiled two new Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) repeaters designed to complement its DMR portable terminals launched earlier this year.

The TKR-D710E and TKR-D810E repeaters will augment the performance of Kenwood’s TK-D200/D300 series high-end portables and combine conventional FM analogue/conventional DMR and autosensing mixed mode operation.

Both repeater models offer 30 channels: the TKR-D710E operates on 136-174MHz with 5-50 Watts of power output; the TKR-D810E operates on 400-470MHz with 5-40 Watts power output.

General features include:
•    Repeater operation
•    6 backlit programmable function keys
•    Programmable AUX I/O’s
•    RF power down detect
•    DTMF front panel PF key control (analogue only)
•    DTMF AUX output control (analogue only)
•    DTMF AUX input monitoring (analogue only)
•    Windows PC programming
•    Flash firmware upgrading

Digital Conventional Mode:
•    DMR Tier 2 digital air interface compatible
•    12.5 kHz channels
•    Mixed FM/digital operation
•    Repeater control built-in
•    Colour code repeater control    

FM Mode:    
•    VHF: 25 & 12.5 kHz channels
•    UHF: 25 & 12.5 kHz channels

FM Conventional Mode:
•    Built-in 16 QT/DQT repeater control
•    Hang timer

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