Xirrus dual 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points outpace four competitors in tests

Independent tests conducted by Miercom shows Xirrus XR-600 APs provide an advantage in performance and price/performance among leading WLAN vendors

Xirrus dual 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points outpace four competitors in tests

Tests conducted by Miercom on 802.11ac access points (APs) from five leading Wi-Fi equipment vendors reveal that Xirrus two-radio 802.11ac APs out-performed similar competitor products by up to three times in multiple product comparisons.

Miercom is an independent product test centre and consultancy for the networking industry. The tests compared Xirrus 802.11ac APs to models from four competitors: Cisco, Meraki (Cisco), Aerohive and Aruba; the results were released today (14 August 2014).

“As new mobile devices come to market that support 802.11ac, including the upcoming iPhone 6, organisations providing wireless access must plan for increasing demand from more devices and faster speeds,” said Robert Smithers, CEO at Miercom.

“Our testing found that the flexibility of Xirrus’ dual-11ac radio APs offers superior performance compared to products from leading WLAN vendors, all of whom offer only single 11ac radio solutions.”

A series of tests were conducted to determine the maximum performance of the APs in a variety of configurations with 16 x 802.11ac clients. The clients were first tested operating all on one 802.11ac radio, then second, distributed equally across both radios on the AP.

In the latter two-radio test, one radio supported 802.11ac in the 5GHz band and the second radio 802.11n in the 2.4GHz band. In the case of Xirrus APs, a third test was run with both radios operating in 802.11ac. Only the Xirrus APs supported this third test case with the ability to software switch both radios to 802.11ac.

Key findings of the report included:
•    Only Xirrus APs supported the ability to software set both AP radios to 802.11ac (5GHz) operation among the products tested
•    The Xirrus XR-630 AP (pictured above) attained the highest performance of any product tested at 467Mbps throughput, nearly triple that of the highest competitor product
•    Price/performance of Xirrus APs – combining maximum performance with pricing – was more than 70% better than the competitive solutions.

“The benefits of operating a 100% 802.11ac network should not be undervalued,” said Shane Buckley, CEO at Xirrus. “While most wireless networks today may support a reasonable mix of 5GHz and 2.4GHz clients, the move to 802.11ac – which only runs in 5GHz – is clear given the benefits it brings in faster speeds, lower power consumption, and greater and cleaner spectrum. These results show what 11ac can achieve - whether now or as clients shift in the coming years, well within the lifespan of any wireless investment made today.”

The Wi-Fi AP products tested were: the Xirrus XR-620, XR-630, Aerohive AP230 and AP370, Aruba IAP-225, Meraki MR34 and the Cisco Aironet 2702i,

To access the full report, including details on the test setup and parameters, please visit: http://www.xirrus.com/miercom11ac


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