Simoco passes DMR Tier III interoperability testing with RADIODATA

Latest certification opens way to multi-vendor working with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard

Simoco passes DMR Tier III interoperability testing with RADIODATA

Simoco has successfully passed the DMR Association’s interoperability test for its DMR Tier III trunking portable radios with RADIODATA, a German business that designs professional mobile radio (PMR) equipment and systems for voice and data communications.

The latest test examined the interoperability between SDP660 portables from the Simoco Xd DMR range and the RADIODATA BS2400 base station. Simoco was awarded the recognition by the DMR Association Technical Working Group after its terminal, operating on RADIODATA’s Tier III system, successfully completed registration, individual and group voice calls, radio site hunting and short data messaging.

Andy Grimmett, head of product strategy at Simoco, said: “RADIODATA is a well respected member of the DMR association, so we were pleased when Simoco was invited to participate in the interoperability testing. Both companies are committed to implementing open standards and the award further demonstrates Simoco’s expertise in developing products that comply with ETSI open standards as well as showing our continued commitment to competitive, multi-vendor markets.”

RADIODATA, located in Berlin, Germany, is a system provider with over 30 years’ experience working with utility companies, emergency services as well as industrial and underground mining companies. The organisation specialises in developing, manufacturing and selling radio networks in analogue and DMR technologies.

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