Icom launches revolutionary IP Advanced Radio system

IP-based wireless LAN solution uses license free 2.5GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum to provide full duplex two-way voice communications, text messaging, along with individual, group and area calling

Icom launches revolutionary IP Advanced Radio system

Icom UK has announced the launch of its new IP Advanced Radio system (as first featured in the Jan 2014 issue of Wireless - see story here). The revolutionary system provides full hands free, duplex two-way radio communication for all users when an optional headset is used.

The IP/WLAN system offers a scalable licence-free communication system using standard wireless networking products infrastructure, which in most cases may already be in place. Secure encrypted communication is provided by the WPA-PSK and WPA-PSK2 wireless security protocols that encrypts calls.
Networks can be expanded by adding more access points (APs) and full intra-building communications are enabled even in basements by installing APs.

Other key features include seamless roaming for users, whereby if two or more wireless action points are deployed over an IP network, the IP100H handset/radio uses the nearest access point and can roam between the available access points. As with traditional PMR system, the IP Advanced Radio enables individual, group or area calls to be made with the added benefit of full duplex two-way communication.

Icom sees the IP Advanced Radio system as ideal for organisations such as hotels, restaurants and small shops, which typically use licence free radios. This new licence free IP/wireless LAN system brings back cost effective and efficient private communication to this previously unserved customer base.

Other organisations that will benefit from this new technology include warehouse/manufacturing, building security and hospitality industry radio users, as well as any radio users in need of licence-free but secure and private communication systems.

Organisations that are unable to install traditional radio infrastructure such as historic buildings and museums will also find this communication system beneficial, Icom believes. The system can even be used at sea on cruise ship or containers, just as long as there is WLAN.

Icom AP-90M Wi-Fi access point
The IP Advance Radio system is designed to be used with existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, but Icom provides its own compact WLAN access point (AP) in the shape of the AP-90M.
The AP can be used on both the 5 and 2.4GHz bands simultaneously and comes equipped with various features such as load balancing, packet filters, and support for PoE function. The entire functionality of the system can be monitored using the software RS-AP3. It is IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac compatible.

Icom IP100FS IP-based PC dispatcher
Other equipment from Icom that can be used in conjunction with the IP/WLAN system includes the IP100FS is an IP-based PC dispatcher (it can also be installed on a Windows-based tablet PC as well as a laptop PC), which also serves as an additional radio on the network.

It handles all types of calls such as individual call, group call or text messaging. Messages can be sent as free text or predefined status messaging. The programme also has a map feature which enables dispatchers to see the radio stations that are connected to each access point. The system enables communication between dispersed sites such as offices or shops even in different cities.

Icom VE-PG3 radio over IP gateway
Finally, by deploying Icom’s VE-PG3 RoIP gateway, the IP advanced radio system can interconnect with an IP phone, analogue transceiver and IDAS NXDN digital transceivers. When used with an IP phone system, the IP100H can be used as a phone handset for making internal or external calls.

Further information on the system can be found at: Icom Advanced Radio System Microsite

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