Lantronix launches PremierWave SE1000 module for IoT

Ethernet-based module enables rapid development and deployment of industrial Internet of Things applications with enterprise-grade security and device could connectivity

Lantronix launches PremierWave SE1000 module for IoT

Lantronix, a provider of smart IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, has announced the worldwide availability of its new PremierWave SE1000 – a programmable, Ethernet-based system-on-module (SOM) that enables hardware and software engineers to quickly and easily develop and deploy secure industrial IoT applications.
The PremierWave SE1000 SOM provides Ethernet networking connectivity to virtually any device and comes preloaded with full embedded Linux - making it easy to add custom software and applications. The PremierWave SE1000 is  designed to be a solution for embedded applications that require simple development, ease of use and a proven robust high performing solution with Ethernet connectivity.
Lantronix argues that the module provides numerous advantages that enable OEMs and developers of IoT-enabled products to:
•    Accelerate time-to-market with less risk while utilising advanced integrated hardware and software
•    Develop customised IoT applications rapidly using multiple programming language options, including C and Python
•    Deploy secure network services easily
•    Reduce hardware design costs and complexity via an industrial grade compact modular footprint
•    Connect to various IoT cloud platforms, analytics platforms such as Google Analytics or other enterprise applications
•    Simplify product deployment using production-ready Lantronix software management and system configuration modules
•    Leverage long term deployment experience and knowledge base for M2M and IoT solutions
•    Lower overall total cost of ownership across the product lifecycle.

“Enterprises are now creating and adopting IoT and M2M applications to support mission critical activities across the organisation, and this trend is driving the need for robust embedded solutions with two key requirements – security and flexibility,” said Joe Rocci, president at Phoenix Broadband Technologies  – a provider of remote monitoring systems to broadband network operators.  

“The new Lantronix PremierWave SE1000 delivers on both of those requirements, through an easy-to-integrate, compact and cost-effective development platform for rapid network connectivity.”
Vishal Kakkad, director of product marketing for Lantronix, said: “We designed the PremierWave SE1000 to meet the specific needs of design engineers and system architects whose projects require a proven network connectivity solution that’s easy to integrate.

“By leveraging our feature-rich, high performance SOM, engineering professionals can focus on their own core competencies and projects, and leave secure network connectivity to us. Customers using the PremierWave SE1000 can now save significant time and money while producing cutting edge IoT applications.”
The PremierWave family
The PremierWave SE1000 SOM is the latest addition to the Lantronix PremierWave family of solutions, which is comprised of a diverse line of embedded SOMS and rugged intelligent gateways that provide secure connectivity and enable remote monitoring, access and control of devices for M2M and IoT applications. The line up comprises:
•    PremierWave SE1000:  embedded Ethernet SOM
•    PremierWave EN:  embedded SOM with Ethernet and dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity
•    PremierWave XC-HSPA+:  intelligent gateway for 3.5G cellular connectivity
•    PremierWave XC (2G): intelligent gateway for 2G cellular connectivity
•    PremierWave XN:  intelligent gateway for dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity.

The PremierWave SE1000 has a recommended MSRP of $79.90 (approx £47.44) for 1,000 units.   

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