Aerohive Wi-Fi supports North American auto repair retailer

The Boyd Group deploys Aerohive’s enterprise-class Wi-Fi enabling centralised remote management of sites to boost retail efficiency and customer satisfaction

Aerohive Wi-Fi supports North American auto repair retailer

Aerohive Networks has announced that The Boyd Group, the largest auto repair retailer in North America, is continuing to rely on Aerohive’s wireless solutions to support cross-continent growth by providing scalable and reliable connectivity to streamline its retail operations and increase customer satisfaction.

The Boyd Group is one of the largest operators of collision repair centres in North America, with over 3,000 employees and more than 250 locations. With annual sales of over $430m, the company has grown rapidly through acquisition in recent years in both the US and Canada and, on average, opens up six new locations per year.

While The Boyd Group had Wi-Fi access at some of its locations previously, there was not a unified wireless solution across the entire company. The company wanted to streamline its retail operations with wireless devices and needed a resilient Wi-Fi network to do so, and one that could keep up with its aggressive growth strategy.
Looking to overhaul its network architecture, The Boyd Group turned to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure report for recommendations on wireless providers. After further evaluation, the company chose Aeorhive, which was positioned as a ‘Visionary’ in the report.

With company locations across a large span of territory in North America, Aerohive’s centralised remote management resonated with the company’s small IT team. Moreover, Aerohive’s controller-less technology was crucial to the company, which needed a solution that could easily scale as the company grows.
Deploying Aerohive access points from its corporate board rooms, to its parking lots and customer waiting rooms, The Boyd Group has deployed a unified wireless network to enable greater efficiency and satisfaction for both employees and guests. Without a need for controllers, the company was able to quickly roll out the entire network in just four months.
Since the Boyd Group uses multiple software application solutions depending on the region, province or country, Aerohive’s flexible network architecture platform has been key in supporting the company’s diverse locations. Aerohive’s HiveManager online network management system is used for all network management and control, giving flexibility to the IT teams based both in the US and Canada.
Relying on Aerohive’s enterprise-class network, The Boyd Group has been able to revamp its retail operations across the company, streamlining customer service. Since the company’s implementation of Aerohive, technicians now input vehicle information and photos through a wireless device, which are directly uploaded to the corporate network for estimating procedures.

As a result, employees can immediately process the estimate car-side, creating greater efficiency and drastically reducing wait time—ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.
By rolling out guest networks in each retail location’s waiting room, the Boyd Group has also enhanced the customer experience. Customers can now connect to Wi-Fi through the guest network while they wait and work, watch films or surf the web.
The company is now poised to manage and control all operations across its robust wireless network, and can easily add new retail locations as future acquisitions are made. As the company expands, Aerohive’s controller-less Wi-Fi technology has provided The Boyd Group with a solid foundation to enhance its wireless technologies for years to come.
“Aerohive has given us the capability to implement enterprise Wi-Fi on a cost-effective basis. Aerohive allows us to easily manage our network from one central location, which is key for our operations that span all of North America with a diverse set of requirements,” said Michael Wenham, IT administrator at The Boyd Group. “I don’t think we could have made a better decision.”

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