Aerohive supplies Wi-Fi to Oberto production facilities in US

The US’s second largest beef jerky provider deploys Aerohive controller-less Wi-Fi and networking solution to improve production and distribution operations

Aerohive supplies Wi-Fi to Oberto production facilities in US

Oberto Brands, the US’s second largest producer of beef jerky, has chosen to upgrade its Wi-Fi system with Aerohive’s controller-less Wi-Fi and network management solutions to enable mobility across all its distribution, warehouse and store locations.

Oberto was founded in Seattle in 1918 by Italian immigrants and is the second largest producer of beef jerky in the nation. The company makes and markets more than 400 varieties of dried meat products, with annual revenue of US $220m. Oberto’s products are available nationwide across the US and in Canada throughout supermarkets, club, convenience and mass-merchandising stores.
To meet consumer demand, Oberto recently expanded its warehouse and production facilities to Nashville, Tennessee. With this new addition, the company quickly realized it needed a controller-less, wireless solution that could host all of its locations across one network with remote management.
Originally, Oberto had Cisco equipment in place, but required an upgrade due to limited capabilities. Specifically, this system lacked the ability to fully leverage Oberto’s hand-held, mobile scan devices in warehouse and production environments.

With plans to double its hand-held devices over the next year for greater inventory tracking and management, coupled with the expansion, the company needed a reliable and robust Wi-Fi solution.
Oberto considered solutions from Cisco and Meraki, but ultimately chose Aerohive for its easy-to-manage, cloud-enabled controller-less architecture. The company set up two separate networks – one for corporate use, including the production and warehouse facilities, and a guest network.
Oberto chose Aerohive’s AP350, AP330 and AP170 access points to deploy throughout its various operations. Additionally, Oberto implemented Aerohive’s HiveOS platform for spectrum analysis, which allowed the company to better troubleshoot and identify areas of interference.

Guided configuration settings have made it simple and easy for the company to set up and configure its network across all geographic locations.
Oberto is also leveraging Aerohive’s HiveManager Online Network Management System for cloud management, enabling seamless automatic updates and features and eliminating IT headaches.
With Aerohive, Oberto now has a comprehensive wireless network in place in all office and warehouse locations, with superior bandwidth and connectivity. As a result, Oberto employees are now able to use hand-held devices wirelessly 100% of the time to scan, weigh, track and finally compile metrics of their products.
Robert Hendricks, system administrator at Oberto, said: “We have not had one instance where HiveManager was unavailable or experienced issues. Being able to monitor bandwidth, device level, types of traffic and other diagnostics has been incredibly helpful to our operations at Oberto.

“A lot of solutions work great, but it’s the little things that make a difference; I wholeheartedly recommend any company requiring enterprise Wi-Fi to check out Aerohive.”
David Greene, chief marketing officer, Aerohive Networks, added:  “Oberto, like many of our customers, faced the unique challenge of addressing mobility and reliability to support its mobile scanning production devices. We were able to combat these network issues and equip the company with a truly unified, cost-effective wireless solution. We look forward to continuing to provide Oberto with secure, robust Wi-Fi to support its next-generation mobility needs for years to come.”

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